Our first issue of Poverty & Race in the Trump presidency : Including a debate on the displacement impacts of NYC "upzoning"...a review of the movie "Dirt and Deeds in Mississippi"...a new program placing law students at a health clinic in Hartford...and HUD's Bryan Greene looks back on his remarkable childhood neighborhood in Queens.  Read the Jan-March issue here
Opening Doors, Expanding Opportunities :  Education Secretary DeVos has withdrawn funding for this innovative school diversity grants program announced last year by then-Secretary John King.  A very bad sign as one of DeVos' first acts as Secretary.  See the Washington Post's coverage here
Source of Income Discrimination:   Our annual update of state and local laws prohibiting discrimination against Housing Choice Vouchers and other sources of lawful income is now posted
Other resources and events
National Housing Trust Fund:  The National Low Income Housing Coalition has published a comprehensive report analyzing state allocation plans for the Housing Trust Fund, which finally received its first allocation of funds last year. The report lists a number of states that mention affirmatively furthering fair housing in their plans, and at least 14 states that actually include incentives for HTF housing in low poverty/high opportunity areas, consistent with PRRAC's recommendations (note however, that these state plans need to be assessed in their entirety and in their results to know whether the incentives are sufficient to create balanced development outcomes). 
Will DeVos school vouchers lead to segregation?  The Century Foundation reviews the research. 
Race or Class?  A new NCSD research brief assesses the complementary benefits of racial and economic integration in schools.

Fighting criminalization of homelessness: The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty has published Housing Not Handcuffs: A Litigation Manual.
Save the date - debunking "de facto" segregation:  PRRAC is joining the Economic Policy Institute in a June 8 book talk for Richard Rothstein's forthcoming book, The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. At the Economic Policy Institute, Washington, D.C. - more details coming soon. 

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