Benchmarking Portal Available

Thank you for participating in the Public Retirement Research Lab (PRRL)! We're excited to announce the launch of the interactive benchmarking portal. As a PRRL participant you have access to aggregate data from the database that provides a unique look into the savings behaviors of public sector workers.


Below is an overview of the features of the portal. Additional information and instructions are available in the tool.

  • STATIC REPORTS - Download PDFs of the overall Industry Report, including infographics, as well as your personalized Plan Performance Report (PPR) and EBRI's You vs. Universe report.

  • PERFORMANCE GRAPHS - Compare your Plan versus the overall industry in a variety of key areas.

  • INTERACTIVE PPR - Create Plan Performance Reports on demand. You select the data cuts you would like to compare yourself against.

  • CUSTOM BENCHMARKS - Dig deeper into the data by creating custom aggregations of the data, including multiple/combined data breaks. 

  • DEFINITIONS - Learn more about key terms used throughout the results.

Click below to explore the data!


To log into the benchmarking portal, please use your NAGDCA username and password. If you do not know your credentials, please email to retrieve your login information. 

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