May 2017
Topic: ADA Compliance on the Web
Wednesday, May 24, 7:30-9:00 a.m.
Join your PRSA chapter president Lori Maricle for a morning of networking and social hour over coffee at Vessel Coffee Roasters at 2823 N. Monroe in Spokane.

Get to know other PRSA members in Spokane and catch up on what’s going on in PR. Our theme for June will be ADA compliance on the web, with special guests Marketing Director Ingrid Campbell and Digital Interactive Designer Jessica Stump from Washington Trust Bank.

No registration fee required - just show up, enjoy your coffee and participate in the discussion!

(BYOC = Buy Your Own Coffee)

Will you be joining us?
Vessel Coffee Roasters

05/24/17 7:30am - 05/24/17 9:00am

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Other Event News
Good Food, Great Company
at April  Conversations With...Event!

Special thanks to Julie Holland and Northern Quest Resort & Casino for hosting our April "Conversations With..." event!  

Julie provided a fantastic overview of how she and her team planned and implemented a successful campaign and press conference to announce their upcoming expansion project.  

Participants also were treated to a delicious taco bar and Northern Quest swag!
Crisis Communications Workshop Planned for June

Details are being finalized for a morning workshop in mid-June focused on planning and executing a crisis communications plan.

Local experts will share their insights for:
  • Developing a proactive crisis communications plan (in advance of the crisis!)
  • Critique of response of the recent crises that have headlined the national news
  • Real-time handling of a crisis in action

Keep your eyes on your inbox for more information soon.

Meet Your PRSA Board Members
Hayley Graham
Past President

Hayley may be contacted at
or 509-934-1276.
Hayley Graham is a Senior Account Executive at Desautel Hege where she is responsible for managing a variety of accounts in a number of different industries.  She helps her clients communicate complex ideas in simple, compelling ways by fusing public relations, advertising and branding.  Hayley graduated from Gonzaga University in 2012 with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Public Relations.

Why did you join PRSA?
I joined PRSA just a couple years into my career. My colleague, Lisa Cargill, was the President at the time and she asked if I’d be interested in joining the board. After hearing from her what PRSA is all about, what our chapter works to provide for our members, and the resources available to members, it sounded like it would be very valuable to me as a new communications professional. After almost four years, I can say without a doubt the value I’ve received from being a member has been all of that and more.

Why did you choose your profession?
I actually majored in Marketing and minored in Public Relations. I felt that this was the perfect combination for me, as I enjoy the business side of my position but also like to work on more creative projects. Not to mention, the industry has been moving toward a more integrated model anyway. When I found DH - an integrated communications, public relations, advertising and branding agency - I knew it was going to be the right fit.

What are your hobbies?
Travelling takes the cake for me. When I’m not traveling, I enjoy exercising, blogging, shopping and eating.

Who is your hero?
Ivanka Trump. She’s classy, sophisticated, a fantastic businesswoman, and a great mom. I admire her ability to find a work-life balance. She seems to understand the importance of both which I greatly admire.
Communication Leadership Awards
Communication Leadership Awards are Back!
Join us for the Communication Awards breakfast on November 2nd, 7:30-9:00 a.m. at Barrister Winery!

We will recognize four outstanding leaders in the following categories:
  • Communications Professional of the Year
  • Rising PR Star of the Year
  • Executive Communicator of the Year
  • Degerness Award for Excellence in Public Relations
  • Outstanding Public Relations Campaign.
Click here for more information about the award categories. Be on the lookout for the call-for-entries in August!

President's Message
Lori Maricle
Greater Spokane
Chapter PRSA
My Daily Professionalism Reminder
I have a note card strategically displayed on my desk at work. On this note card are four statements from Don Miguel Ruiz:
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Don’t take it personally
  • Be accountable with your word
  • Always do your best

While Ruiz is best known as a teacher of spiritual enlightenment, this card helps me a lot in the professional world. It usually hits me just as I’ve hastily hammered out an email response after jumping to conclusions. It reminds me that even in the dog-eat-dog word of business, we are all people too.

Don’t make assumptions
Being open to the ideas and suggestions of others takes a certain amount of self-assessment and willingness to learn new things. This means putting aside your stereotypes, and resisting the urge to fill the gaps in your knowledge with your own experiences or interpretations. Projecting how you would feel, or what you would say, in a situation is making an assumption. Until you have all the facts, ask the follow up question.

Don’t take it personally
This one can definitely be hard, especially to those control freaks (like me) out there. But you need to remember that as a work team, you are all there to accomplish the same goal. Trust your coworkers and in this shared motivation. How my coworker interprets the message and how I interpret the message are different, but that helps us to ultimately reduce noise and avoid blind spots. We share the common goal of generating impactful and effective content surrounding the company’s initiatives to increase our target audience’s engagement. Trusting in that shared goal makes it easier to not take feedback personally.

Be accountable with your word
If you say you will do something, then do it. Plain and simple, right? The hardest part about this for me is learning to say no when people approach me with extra requests. Taking on too many projects puts a strain on your personal time and resources. I hate saying no when it comes to taking on new projects or helping my colleagues to solve problems, but sometimes it is necessary to protect your sanity. Trust me, they will understand if you say up front why you are saying no, and will appreciate you saving them from frustration down the line if you can’t follow through with what you promised.

Always do your best
This one is all about discipline. Plus, people can tell when your heart’s not in it. When you give something only half-effort, you are selling everyone short. Maintaining a personal high standard will pay you dividends in the long run because it builds credibility. This is why when I decide to do something, I always give it my best.
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