March 2021
From the President
Greetings! I am thrilled to report that PRT is tipping. Praetor Capital has researched the personal rapid transit (PRT) market and found an advanced global project pipeline of $82 bn of which they expect $14 bn to successfully close. 13 projects comprising 240 km of track are contracted or already under construction. In addition, there are 4 projects under bid in India totaling ~206 km. Together these constitute ~$3.7 bn of transportation infrastructure CAPEX and an estimated $210 million of operating profit for early-stage PRT firms. They conclude PRT is a potential $31 – 58 bn investment gain opportunity, representing shareholder returns of several thousand percent.

Praetor Capital finds the PRT markets to be so large and adding so much growth every year that they are effectively limitless for early-stage firms. Hundreds of system opportunities p.a. is more than sufficient for 10 – 12 firms globally. There is sufficient demand to support several competitors per region in a global market where the developing world is the sweet spot.

With all of those relatively large projects, my concern is that the first few be successful. If so, I believe we will see many more.

As always, enjoy reading!

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Peter Muller, ATRA President
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PRT is a Potential $31 - $58 billion Investment Gain Opportunity
Praetor has held discussions with the most active PRT CEOs to develop the perspectives of the research, (this document is an Executive Summary of the 50-page Praetor Capital report) including the estimate of the Advanced PRT Project Pipeline and Expected to Close Pipeline, indicated in Figure 5.

Decoding Reliance’s demerger of oil-to-chemicals biz
...Significantly, days after announcing the demerger, RIL increased its stake in US-based skyTran to 54.46 per cent. skyTran develops transport solutions via pod taxis. Connecting the dots, it appears Ambani may go global with his new energy and new materials, and eco-friendly transport initiatives. 

We have a vision for technological innovation that will improve the quality of life and mobility for property owners in and around the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. One cutting-edge solution for mobility is the use of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). This is a safe, cost-effective mode of transportation using small modes called podcars, that are used to transport passengers between designated locations. When compared to other modes of transportation PRT is most the affordable and adaptable. 

IPRCL appointed as DPR consultant for R300 crore Film City - Noida Airport Pod Taxi Project
Noida, India (Urban Transport News): The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) on 18th March 2021 appointed Indian Port Rail and Ropeway Corporation Limited (IPRCL) as a DPR consultant to work on a R300 crore pod taxi project that will connect he Film City with the Noida International Airport at Jewar.

The three concepts unveiled for Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro in full
Some creative designs have been selected as possible solutions for the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro (CAM) that mayor James Palmer hopes to bring to the region

Three options that the Combined Authority leader described as “truly groundbreaking” were unveiled this week.

Note that this system seems more like a gondola or ropeway than PRT. The fact that the vehicle wraps around the rope or guideway implies an inability to switch.
Pod People Drive Dumbarton Rail Study
What carries more people? A commuter train with as many as 1,000 seats or a futuristic Autonomous Vehicle Transit (AVT) pod with eight? If one is to believe the newest study of the Dumbarton Rail Corridor, presented to the public this week, it’s the pod.

YEIDA: Is pod taxi viable for airport link?
Greater Noida: Will pod taxi be a good option to improve the mobility to the Noida International Airport? Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has asked Indian Port Rail and Ropeway
Corporation Limited to find out. The public limited company will find out feasibility of the personal rapid transit system in the Jewar region within a month.

Final EIS Document for the La Guardia Airport APM System
The FAA has published the Final EIS Document for the La Guardia Airport APM System. ATRA and many others submitted comments about the inadequate consideration of PRT. Appendix S contains responses to those comments in sections 2.3.25 through 2.3.29. The most ludicrous response was in 2.3.26 where it is asserted PRT has a maximum capacity of 480 passengers per hour per direction (pphpd) when Vectus demonstrated 3 second headways with 6- passenger vehicles (7,200 pphpd) over a decade ago.

How do we fight big government's ability to rebut our concerns without giving us the opportunity to verify our statements or rebut theirs?

Why India’s richest person Mukesh Ambani is betting on American futuristic mobility company SkyTran
Mukesh Ambani, 63, the richest Indian and chairman and managing director of the country’s largest company, Reliance Industries, is betting big on SkyTran, a US-based tech company that has developed a high-speed and economical personal rapid transit system.

New Driverless Pod Taxis to Operate From Greater Noida to Noida International Airport
The PRT-Personal Rapid Transit will connect the northern and southern areas of the national capital region with Jewar which recently finalised the nomenclature of the greenfield airport as Noida International Airport.

Reliance arm raises stake in transportation firm SkyTran
Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has more than doubled its stake in US-based SkyTran Inc., underscoring the oil-to-retail conglomerate’s ambitious plans for eco-friendly transportation systems.

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