48 new safe crossings confirmed for 2022
January 19, 2022

48 new safe crossing projects are confirmed for 2022 as part of the 2022 Vision Zero Safe Crossings Program. This program helps make Edmonton streets safer and more livable to enable a better life for Edmontonians.

Since the City of Edmonton adopted Vision Zero in 2015, the City has invested significantly in pedestrian safety. Each year, funds from the Traffic Safety Automated Enforcement Reserve are used to upgrade existing crossings through the Safe Crossings Program. From 2015 to 2021, nearly 300 crossings have been upgraded to support safer travel for all. 

The Safe Crossings Program has been modernized to support Edmonton’s Vision Zero goal through safe and livable streets. As a key action in the City’s Safe Mobility Strategy, this work is guided by the principles of equitable access to safety, creative and innovative tools, and a forward thinking approach. 

The Safe Crossings Program considers the following factors for each location when prioritizing and confirming construction of projects for the following year: 

  • Equity: Accounting for needs in order to increase access to community gathering locations and essential services (such as schools, playgrounds, senior centres and hospitals) and seeking to understand how people travel by incorporating bus ridership and census data that reflects the percentage of neighbourhood population who do not use a personal vehicle as their primary mode of transportation.
  • Current State: Seeking to understand how people are currently using the crossing and factors which impact their experience through the number of people walking, cycling, driving, and using mobility aids, crash history, proximity to other safe crossing locations, and roadway characteristics (ie: number of lanes).
  • Future Growth: Factoring in modelling and plans from the City Plan that identifies predicted increase in population by 2030 and primary and secondary corridors to support safe streets and livable communities as we grow.
  • Lived Experience: Reflecting on what we’ve heard from Edmontonians through public inquiries and public engagement.

48 new safe crossing projects are confirmed for 2022 and can be explored, along with previous projects, through a publicly-available interactive map. 

Edmontonians can access the map and explore all of the ways Edmonton’s streets are becoming safer and more livable at edmonton.ca/VisionZero.
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