Big news for small business
November 29, 2018

On Monday, November 26, City Council passed a suite of amendments to the Zoning Bylaw that make it easier for new businesses to open, and simpler for residents and businesses to hold short-term special events like community parties and festivals.

The changes:
  • eliminate the need for some new businesses opening in existing buildings to have a development permit, saving time and money for business owners
  • remove the need for minor home-based businesses to have a development permit in most zones, saving small business owners a $125 startup cost
  • make it simpler to hold special events on private and public property
  • create more opportunities for farmers markets throughout the city

These changes are part of the City of Edmonton’s efforts to be open for business, support the local economy and encourage Edmonton’s festival city spirit and community gatherings. The proposed amendments can contribute to a more robust economy and vibrant city for all Edmontonians.
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Communications Advisor