City keeps running during cold weather
January 15, 2020

Edmontonians are uniquely resilient and many people enjoy the “winter” part of our winter city. However, the current cold snap reminds us that even our winter city doesn’t operate ideally in extreme cold. 

City staffers are working day and night to ensure Edmonton remains functional during this time. 

To keep vulnerable people and animals safe, the City is expanding some services:
  • Offering overnight shelter at Commonwealth Recreation Centre.
  • Ensuring all ETS express buses make all stops, with the exception of routes 15, 100, 133, 747 and all regional routes.
  • Prioritizing animal protection calls for animals in distress.
  • Refocusing transit enforcement on ensuring safety and access to services.

City staff are responding to multiple weather-related incidents:
  • A minor crack in the LRT rail near Southgate was repaired Tuesday night.
  • A second minor crack in the LRT rail at 34 Avenue will be repaired overnight.
  • A water pipe broke in Churchill LRT station on Tuesday night. Repairs and cleanup were completed this morning before the commute. 
  • Additional buses are being provided for areas where the LRT is delayed. 
  • Snow plows and sanders will continue to operate, clearing accumulation and applying sand and chip for traction. More than 8,500 tonnes of sand has been applied since January 8 to improve traction.
  • The City is clearing walkways connected to emergency exits and mobility ramps at seniors' centres, large recreation centres and related facilities. 

Edmontonians are also asked to take additional steps to keep the city on track: 
  • Waste collection may be disrupted. If waste and recycling along your street is not collected, please leave it out and it will be collected the next day. 
  • Emergency vehicles are driving to conditions so they can safely get to incidents. Please move to the right and give them room to pass.
  • If there is a fire hydrant near your home, please keep it clear of snow so it can be located in an emergency.
  • Winter road conditions prevail. Please drive to conditions to keep everyone safe, and give road crews room to do their work. 
  • Transit service may be slower due to more frequent stops, road conditions, and generally slow-moving traffic. Please be patient and leave extra travel time. 

As weather improves in the coming days, services will continue to be adjusted to meet the needs of Edmontonians and keep City operations running. 
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