City launches first-ever business census to better support local economy
May 8, 2023

The City of Edmonton has launched its first business census, collecting data from local businesses to help shape how the City supports businesses, attracts investment and improves services. 

This by-Edmonton, for-Edmonton pilot project is collecting data from the local business community to gather information such as where businesses are located, what economic sector they fall into, the number of employees and demographic information. 

The data collected through the census will not only help inform City programs and policies, but it will be valuable in positioning Edmonton as a great place to do business. Economic development partners and potential investors will be able to better understand the business landscape and make informed decisions.

Beginning on May 15, as part of the pilot, City summer students will spend four months going door-to-door at businesses in the O-day’min Ward to collect information. 

Businesses in the rest of the city are encouraged to participate online through a short five-minute questionnaire. After data collection concludes in August, the results will be analyzed and published on  

For more information on the census or to participate in the online questionnaire, visit
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