Counting parked cars
May 4, 2018

Are you passionate about parking? The City is looking for volunteers to help crowdsource information about how on-site parking allocated for apartments, condos, townhouses and businesses is being used. 

Volunteering involves counting the number of cars parked in the parking lot or parkade of your home or business. Three counts are required: one during a weekday day, one during a weekday late evening and one during the weekend. Interested volunteers must  complete this form and a City staff member will follow up to provide the additional information needed to participate. 

Information collected will be used to supplement City parking counts, with both data streams being used to inform updates to the parking rules for private property set out in Edmonton’s Zoning Bylaw. These rules control the minimum amount of parking that businesses and homes are required to provide on site to serve residents, tenants or customers. They also establish the conditions for how businesses and homeowners are permitted to make that parking available.

How parking is provided and managed plays a powerful role in how communities are built and how people get around. City Council has directed the City to update parking rules for private property. Updating the rules will align parking with current city-building goals of reducing barriers to businesses, and creating walkable, attractive and compact communities that offer a variety of housing, retail and transportation options. 
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