Gearing up for spring
May 22, 2018

The warm weather means trails, roads and pathways are busy with bicycle riders. All road users, no matter how you travel, should watch out for each other. The City of Edmonton reminds motorists of four important things to know when driving beside bike lanes. 

Four things for motorists to know 
  • Watch for “No Right on Red” signs
  • Cars are not permitted to turn right across a bike lane on a red light at intersections with these signs.
  • Cyclists are permitted to turn right on red here.
  • Don’t stop on the green paint
  • Green paint on the road indicates where drivers and cyclists may cross paths. 
  • Avoid stopping on the green paint. Stop behind the white line. 
  • Watch for cyclists whenever you see green.

  • Shoulder check and look both ways
  • Cyclists travel quickly and will be moving in both directions in bike lanes. Shoulder check and look both ways before turning across a bike lane.
  • Yield to cyclists when turning across the bike lanes 
  • Green stripes or white dashed paint indicate a bike lane is crossing an intersection or an entrance into an alley or parking lot.
  • Yield to cyclists in the bike lane when turning.
  • Watch out for each other. Do not block a bike lane.
In 2017, three high-quality protected bike routes were installed: Downtown Bike Network, West Central Bike Route and Southside Bike Route. The Bike Education Street Team will be out this summer talking to cyclists, pedestrians and motorists about how to safely navigate the new protected bike lanes. Watch for the Street Team at events at a bike route near you! 
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