New safe crossings projects confirmed for 2023
January 26, 2023

The Safe Crossings Program is expanding to further the City’s commitment to Vision Zero by making Edmonton’s streets safer and more livable. Approximately 400 crossings are planned for safety upgrades by the end of 2026, with 100 of these projects confirmed for 2023.

Crossing locations are carefully considered for upgrade based on community needs and feedback, equitable safety, future growth and existing infrastructure. 

Each crossing location is unique, as is the upgrade type determined to increase safety and livability. Upgrades include: 
  • Raised crosswalks to reduce vehicle speeds and enable drivers to be more aware of people crossing the street.
  • Adaptable curb extensions to shorten crossing distances and encourage safe speeds.
  • Two stage crossings provide pedestrians a space to rest as they cross the street and shorten crossing distances.
  • Rapid flashing beacons, pedestrian signals, overhead amber flashers and full traffic signals, all of which increase visibility and encourage slower speeds. 

Explore the Safe Crossings Dashboard to see completed and planned projects, including if there is one near you. Learn more about the many other programs making Edmonton’s streets safer and more livable at
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