New tools show City of Edmonton’s pesticide usage
May 6, 2019

New tools will now show Edmontonians where City crews plan to apply pesticides and where crews have already treated for mosquitoes. Edmonton is one of the first municipalities in Canada to use these online tools.

Each day, City crews will upload where they plan to be, what chemical they are using and for what purpose. Citizens can see this information on a Pesticide Public Notification Map for the various types of pests the City address, including mosquitoes, tree insects and weeds.

The City uses GPS technology to record where helicopter and truck crews have treated for mosquitoes. This information will be uploaded to the open data catalogue within a few weeks of application. Past records from 2018 are available.

The City of Edmonton’s Integrated Pest Management strategies focus on minimizing the use of pesticides while ensuring the maximum effectiveness of its pest management programs. All pest control products and procedures used by the City meet strict standards established by Health Canada through the Pest Control Products Act. The City of Edmonton’s pesticide applicators are trained to the required standards of Alberta Environment and Parks.

Noxious and prohibited noxious weeds are identified by the Government of Alberta. Provincial regulation requires the City to control noxious weeds growth and prevent spread. In 2015, City Council approved a cosmetic herbicide ban with exceptions, one of which is the use of herbicides to control prohibited and noxious weeds.
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