River levels set to rise with release at Bighorn Dam
July 22, 2021

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services advises Edmontonians to stay off the North Saskatchewan River for the next few days.

The release of water from the Bighorn Dam is expected to increase water flow rate and levels along the North Saskatchewan River. This will present conditions typical of a spring run-off.

“We anticipate the river to collect debris from along the shorelines, creating hazards for boaters, river users and emergency responders,“ said Acting Chief of Special Operations, Ed Pitman. “The river is unpredictable and flow rates are likely to change rapidly and without notice - posing a danger to even the strongest swimmers.”

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services will continue to monitor the situation. 

Swift moving water is relentless, making it unsafe for anyone - or their pets - to be near it and especially on it. Fast flowing debris will add an elevated risk.
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