Say ‘thank you’ on Transit Operator Appreciation Day 
March 18, 2019

Today is Transit Operator Appreciation Day across North America. 

On this important day, the City recognizes and thanks all of the hard-working transit operators who keep Edmonton’s transit system moving safely and efficiently. Whether you commute on the bus or LRT, say 'thank you' today. It goes a long way.

“I love my job. I’ve been an ETS bus operator for over 16 years and I’ve met a lot of great people and made a lot of great friends,” says Sheridan Adams. “We all do our very best to help Edmontonians get around the city safely and today is an extra special day for us.” 

Transit operators connect Edmontonians to the places, services and people they care about across the city. They form the human backbone of the transit network and are on the front line of customer service, interaction and safety 365 days a year. Transit operators are passionate about their jobs and often go above and beyond to help Edmontonians every day. 

Harpreet Singh, a DATS operator for 26 years, considers his clients to be family: “I’ve developed such a special bond and relationship with many of my DATS clients. I fully believe we have one of the most important jobs and I thoroughly enjoy helping Edmontonians move around the city safely.” 

ETS is excited to release a new video that highlights the important job of transit operators and how a respectful workplace contributes to everyone’s safety. This video captures the passion, spirit and dedication transit operators bring to the job each day. 

Transit Operator Appreciation Day is an annual event recognizing the hard work and public service of transit operators. March 18 is the day of celebration chosen to commemorate the launch of what is regarded as the world’s first modern public transportation system, the carrosses à cinq sols in Paris in 1662.
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Communications Advisor, ETS