Trip planning now available for new bus routes
March 22, 2021

The launch of Edmonton’s new bus network is five weeks away. Customers can now use Transit app to preview what their transit trips will look like when the new bus network starts. To see a preview of future trips, please enter a trip date that falls in the week of April 25 - May 1. Until the new network launches on April 25, existing routes and schedules will remain the same as they are today.

Transit app is highly recommended for those customers who have a smartphone because its preview trip schedules are accurate. Some trips in other digital tools such as Google Maps and the ETS Google-powered trip planning tool on may not be accurate at this time due to technical issues with the Google platform. When the issues are resolved with these trip planners, a notice will be put on the ETS website and attached to the ETS trip planning tool. The 311 call centre uses the same Google-powered trip planner to assist customers with preview trips in the new network.

Transit app and Google Maps have accessibility features that can be turned on for customers who need them. This will show trips with less walking distance or fewer transfers.

Several bus routes in west Edmonton were modified to move away from the path of the Valley Line West LRT construction, while still providing good service coverage for these neighbourhoods. This will support the delivery of this exciting LRT expansion project, while continuing to connect neighbourhoods through transit.

For the 37 neighbourhoods that will receive On Demand Transit service, trips can be booked starting April 25. Customers will have three options to book a trip. They can download the Edmonton On Demand Transit app, book online at or phone the On Demand Transit call centre at 780-496-2400. These channels will be ready mid-April at which time Customers can create an account in preparation for the service launch.  

Resources for Edmonton’s new bus routes are available at and These include the City of Edmonton’s new digital assistant to answer basic questions, new transit network maps, individual bus route maps, a Bus Network Guide and On Demand Transit Guide.
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