Valley Line Southeast train testing set to resume from
Whitemud Drive to Mill Woods
August 11, 2023

TransEd, the builder and operator of the Valley Line Southeast LRT, will resume train testing in the coming days along the south portion of the line from Whitemud Drive to the Mill Woods stop, and Edmontonians will once again see and interact with trains running in the area.  

We are asking all Edmontonians to be mindful of their surroundings and obey all traffic signs and signals. As traffic signs indicate, right turns are not allowed on red lights at some intersections along the LRT alignment, and at some intersections, right or left turns are not permitted at any time. If you see tracks, expect a train.

Train testing was briefly paused in June when TransEd identified signalling cables that needed to be replaced along the alignment to improve long-term system reliability. Cable replacement work along the south portion of the line is now complete.

Cable replacement continues north of Whitemud Drive toward downtown. Train testing will resume in these areas once new cables are installed. As such, there will be no train testing in the areas near the Edmonton Folk Festival or Cariwest Festival this weekend. 

The City and TransEd are working closely together, and more information about a potential opening date for Valley Line Southeast will be provided as testing nears completion.
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