Watch your mail for a Where to Vote notice
September 28, 2017

Keep an eye on your mail! Every Edmonton household should receive a Where to Vote notice next week.

These notices advise voters of where to vote during the Advance Vote and on Election Day, accessibility information about these locations, voter eligibility requirements and where to find the list of candidates running for election.

Share this information with all eligible voters in your residence and if possible, bring the notice with you to the voting station. You’ll also need a piece of authorized identification that confirms both your name and residential address.

The online Where to Vote tool is also available on the Edmonton Elections website. Enter your address to confirm the voting stations and candidate list for your ward. Check the tool immediately before voting as voting stations are subject to change, and use the tool if a Where to Vote notice does not arrive at your residence.

Some voters in Ward 9 will receive a Where to Vote notice that indicates their Election Day voting station is Donald R. Getty School. Due to ongoing construction, this station has been relocated to Chappelle Garden Residents Association.

Ward boundaries have been updated for the 2017 Edmonton Election and voters in civic wards 9 and 12 may be impacted. Use the online tool to confirm the ward you reside in and your voting stations.

Advance voting starts next week and runs for ten continuous days, October 4-13, 1-7 p.m. daily.
For more information:
780-442-VOTE (8683)

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Communications Coordinator