Organized in 1908
4114C Fieldstone Road, Champaign, IL 61822
Telephone: (217) 356-5285 Fax: (217) 239-6644
Karen Schwean-Lardner
University of Saskatchewan
Phone: (306) 966-2492
First Vice-President
Tom E. Porter
University of Maryland
Phone: (306) 966-2492

Second Vice-President
Brian D. Fairchild
University of Georgia
Phone: (706) 542-9133
Douglas F. Britton
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Phone: (404) 407-8829
Past President
Christine Alvarado
Arm & Hammer Animal & Food Production
Phone: (909) 847-7345
Nickki Tillman (2022)
Nutritional Statistics LLC
Phone: N/A      
Sergio L. Vieira (2022)
Phone: 55-51-9913-2947
Lisa R. Bielke (2023)
Ohio State University
Phone: (479) 387-7681     
Charles L. Hofacre (2023)
Southern Poultry Research Group
Phone: (706) 769-1171

Sami Dridi (2024)
University of Arkansas
Phone: (479) 575-2583
Shai Barbut (2024)
University of Guelph
Phone: (519) 824-6631
Student Directors
Gabriela Cordoso Dal Pont (2022)
Texas A&M University
Phone: N/A

Andrea Rubio (2023)
North Carolina State University
Phone: (705) 229-4238
Executive Director
Jacelyn M. Hemmelgarn
Phone: (217) 356-5285
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