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The PSA Board met via zoom on January 21st and 28th for the first Board meeting of 2021 to review 2020 and discuss the activities and budget for 2021. It is no secret that 2020 hit a lot of us hard, both personally and professionally. However, thanks to our members, partners, sponsors and supporters, PSA has successfully weathered the storm of 2020 and we hope for continued success in 2021. In December we reported on some of the major accomplishments we had in 2020. In this report we would like to look ahead to 2021. Below are some of the major projects we will be working on this year.
  • New PSA Webinar series, our first to be held on February 17, 2020, details in Featured Topic above.

  • New PSA Think Tanks – As part of the PSA Annual Meeting we will be creating two special symposia for Food Safety and Animal Welfare. These Think Tanks will be in-depth discussions, by key players in the field, around important topics in the poultry industry. The goals of the Think Tanks are to support working groups and find funding and resources to move some of the poultry industries biggest issues forward.

  • Our Second Virtual Annual Meeting – PSA will once again, and hopefully for the last time, meet virtually this year for the 2021 Annual Meeting. Building off the success of the Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting, we will be addressing the latest research while adding in more social and networking opportunities. 

  • 2021-2024 Strategic Initiatives – This year, PSA’s committees will focus on a three-year strategic vision developed by the PSA Board of Directors. Within this vision PSA will be focusing on broadening our reach globally, building partnership with other organizations/associations and expanding our content and resources for members.
PSA is poised to have a great year in 2021! We are working hard to stay connected and to continue to share the important work of PSA members around the globe. We wish you a wonderful and successful 2021!

Jacelyn Hemmelgarn
Executive Director, PSA
Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting
Open Now! Abstracts will be accepted until April 7, 2021. For details, information, and access to the submission site see the official announcement here.

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Why Become a Poultry Science Student?
What are the benefits of pursuing a degree in this field? What kind of recruitment efforts can we use to generate interest in the next generation as they begin to think about their careers? Join our conversation with Lesley Gleason, Texas A&M University, as we discuss what draws students to poultry science!

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Petek Settar, PhD

Current Employer:
Hy-Line International, R&D Department

  • Bachelor's Degree - Agean University, Turkey
  • Master's Degree - Agean University, Turkey
  • PhD - Agean University, Turkey

Area of Expertise:
Animal breeding, poultry breeding, welfare, production.

Where did you grow up and did you have poultry in your youth?
I grew up in a big city, at that time backyard poultry was a normal practice. It was my job to look after chickens and pick up eggs.

What was your first job out of school?
My first job was research assistant at animal breeding department.

If you had a motto that applied to your daily professional career, what would it be?
To follow my passion of poultry breeding by turning dreams to an action.

What value does your PSA membership offer?
Direct connection to the science, industry and the poultry society.

What is your favorite poultry breed?
Rhode Island Red
2021 PSA Awards
Deadline to Nominate is
March 1, 2021 @ 11:59 PM CST.

PSA is now welcoming nominations for the 2021 PSA Awards cycle. Award recipients will be recognized at the Virtual 2021 PSA Annual Meeting.

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Interpretive Summary
Researchers Get a Closer Look at the Inner Workings of Duck Enteritis Virus

This summary examines a paper that gave researchers a better understanding of the protein that the Duck Enteritis Virus (DEV) relies on to infect host cells. The paper highlights how this research can serve as breakthroughs in basic scientific research and pave the way for new research opportunities.
Student Video Competition
This Year's Theme:
Create a video that highlights a specific group of poultry species raised for meat and/or egg consumption. For your species, be sure to touch on the benefits of poultry proteins derived from these birds and the time it takes to raise them from incubation to slaughter and/or egg production. Lastly, give 2-3 reasons as to why your species of choice is paramount (do not badger or insult other species).

$1,000 to go towards the winner’s poultry science program or poultry club at his/her institution.
Additional Reading
A, D, E and C - How these vitamins impact the chicken immune system.
Essential activities require vitamins in order to take place. But, could vitamins play an even bigger role in the immune system?

This review article examines the relationship between the chicken immune system and vitamins A, D, E and C along with evidence from the literature pertaining to how these vitamins exert anti-inflammatory, regulatory and antimicrobial effects.
Strengthening Ag Student Communications
A New USDA-NIFA Funded Curriculum Resource

Do your students need stronger agricultural communications skills that can be used in the real world? Can they ask effective questions, write well, communicate orally, and communicate accurately, precisely, pleasantly, and professionally?

If you are looking for a way to incorporate communications skill development into your animal, plant, or poultry science courses without developing entirely new course content, our communications curriculum is worth your consideration.

The robust educational modules we developed with funding support from the USDA-NIFA Higher Educational Challenge Program are:
  • Context specific for students in the animal, plant, or poultry sciences,
  • Free to use for your own courses,
  • Based on the Crawford et al.’s (2011) communication skills topics, and
  • Available as online SCORM files for rapid inclusion in your courses or as a customizable face-to-face curriculum.

Two additional instructor resources are available to assist with using the SCORM online module: A step-by-step orientation video for learners (1:34) and instructions for uploading the SCORM module into your Canvas course.
For questions or assistance, please contact:

Holli Leggette

Theresa Murphrey