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Hello to 2022!

Greetings PSA Members! I hope you all had a terrific holiday season, and here is looking forward to a very different, healthy and wonderful 2022!

PSA is also looking forward to 2022! We continue to plan for an in-person meeting in San Antonio in July. I cannot imagine how amazing it will be to see you all in person, and get a chance to catch up after what has been a long time of primarily zoom-only meetings! Of course, we will keep a notice on what is happening with COVID infection rates leading up to the meeting.

PSA is also working on updating technology that has caused some frustrations for members in the past few years. A new provider is working with the PSA staff, and that system should be rolled out in the next few months. We cannot wait – renewing memberships and searching data bases should be simpler with this system in place! We will keep you posted, and let you know when the transfer has been made.

We are also preparing for our mid-year Board of Directors meeting, which is scheduled just prior to IPSF/IPPE in Atlanta. COVID has again thrown a wrench into this meeting, and not all board members will be able to travel to Atlanta. However, the meeting will go forward in a hybrid fashion, and we will report outcomes to you in our next newsletter.

Just a reminder that the nomination period is open for PSA awards to be recognized at the 2022 meeting. If you would like more information, please visit the PSA website here

Finally, I would like to send out a quick thank you to the many volunteers that make up the Poultry Science Association family. We are an amazing organization, and that is because of the commitment that so many people make in giving their time to the organization! Thank you again, and I hope you all have a terrific spring 2022! Please stay healthy!


Karen Schwean-Lardner
PSA President
Interpretive Summary
A Closer Look at Geese Stocking Density

This study from The Journal of Applied Poultry Research examines the impacts that geese stocking density can have on the birds' growth performance. This data can help producers ensure birds maintain appropriate growth and stay on track.
Zinpro Undergraduate Scholarship
Application Deadline Has Been Extended

PSA has decided to extend the application deadline for the 2022 Zinpro Undergraduate Scholarship. Applications are now to be submited by Monday, February 14, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST. Complete details, qualifications, and link to apply are available though the PSA Website.

This scholarship opportunity is valued at up to $5,000 (total) distributed across up to 4 semesters.
PSA Member Spotlight
Are you interested in being featured in a Member Spotlight? Or maybe you would like to nominate someone? Complete the Member Spotlight submission form here!
Maziar Mohiti-Asli

Current Employer:
University of Guilan (Associate Professor)
Kansas State University (Invited Instructor)

  • Bachelor's Degree - University of Tehran
  • Master's Degree - Tarbiat Modares University
  • PhD - University of Tehran

Area of Expertise:
Poultry nutrition, production, and management; Feed formulation; Feed additives

Where did you grow up and did you have poultry in your youth?
Lahidjan, a city in the north of Iran, is where I was born but I grew up and studied in Karaj. Since my childhood, I've always been fascinated with birds and I’ve enjoyed learning about them. Despite keeping chickens and ornamental birds, my exposure to the poultry industry began through my college education. It was my dream to be a veterinarian, but my teachers advised me to go to medical school instead. Ultimately, my love for birds led me to become a poultry nutritionist, which I am enjoying a lot!

What was your first job out of school and what were your responsibilities?
Since graduating with a bachelor's degree and during my graduate studies, I've worked with poultry feed mills, laying hen and broiler chicken farms. I was responsible for formulating poultry premixes, concentrate feeds, and diets, as well as tracking farm performance. During my Ph.D., I taught a variety of workshops on poultry production and feed formulation due to my passion for teaching.
If you had a motto that applied to your daily professional career, what would it be?
Never give up what you are interested in. If you cannot untie the knot with your hands, use your claws and teeth.

What value does PSA membership offer you?
PSA membership provided me with access to a great network in academia and the poultry industry in the US, as well as several contacts that resulted in long-lasting friendships and fruitful exchanges.

What is your favorite poultry breed?
My favorite industrial chicken is the White Leghorn.
New Year, Get Involved!
PSA Wants to Showcase Your Work

Have you completed a piece of research that you would like to have featured? Let PSA know about it! You can submit the research you have published in Poultry Science® or The Journal of Applied Poultry Research to be featured in the variety of formats offered including Let's Squawk About It, Interpretive Summaries, and Lab to Farm!
Additional Reading
Working to Reduce Poultry Waste Odors

This applied research note from The Journal of Applied Poultry Research aimed at reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in poultry excreta. The researchers recorded the amount of H2S in excreta from an untreated control group and a group that was given a Bacillus-based direct-fed microbial supplement.

Results of the study did prove that there was a reduction in H2S. However, Trial 1 did not yield a statistical significance in H2S reduction. Researchers believe this is likely due to the small sample size and encourage further studies.
2022 PSA Awards
Nominate Your Peers!

PSA welcomes nominations for the 2022 awards cycle. Award recipients will be recognized at the 2022 PSA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas this Summer.

Please note awards that are unique to this application cycle include:
  • American Poultry Historical Society Award
  • National Turkey Federation Award
  • Poultry Welfare Research Award
  • PSA Early Achievement Awards for Teaching and for Research

Nominations will be accepted now through March 1, 2022.

A full list of awards, nomination criteria, and required documents are available on the PSA website here.
IPPE Updates
Visit PSA's Booth & Health Protocols

The Poultry Science Association is looking forward to seeing you at the 2022 International Production and Processing Expo at the end of month! Plan on stopping by our booth (#B8538) to pick up some PSA swag, information, or just to say hello!

With on-going concerns surrounding COVID-19, make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest details from IPPE on the Health Plan portion of the website.