PSA Insights
As we approach midyear 2020, the Poultry Science Association continues to be the premiere Poultry Society in the world! Since this time last year, many adjustments have been made to strengthen our Association and we have embraced each change as we constantly move forward.

The transition to Elsevier Publishing is now 5 months behind us and seems to be a new normal. Submissions are still strong as many authors embrace Open Access and the benefits that it brings. We owe a debt of gratitude to our EICs, Section Editors and staff for making a grand effort to insure a successful transition. Every member of PSA can continue to contribute to the impact of our journals by accepting invitations to review submissions to maintain the quality of peer-reviewed research articles.

The PSA Membership portal is now up and running as planned. I encourage everyone to login and review your information. This is only one advantage in the exit strategy from FASS and the limitations that we felt for many years. A new accounting firm, updated bank accounts, a new bank with PSA access, additional staff to plan and execute our annual conference are just some of the accomplishments that have been completed in this Quarter of 2020.

The PSA Board is also looking forward to developing a new Strategic Plan later this year. With so many moving parts, it seems prudent to update our strategy for an efficient and productive future. If you have ideas, issues, or would like to volunteer with initiatives, please contact a member of the Board or an officer in your association to voice your opinions. Voting is now open to elect your new Board Members for this year. Login and submit your vote for the new slate of officers and board members, if you need help contact Sam Shafer.

And, for the first time in history, PSA will conduct our annual conference in a virtual format. Although we will miss the face-to-face aspect of the meeting this year, with digital technology we can still share research, network and stay in contact with each other until travel restrictions are lifted and we can assemble once again. If you have not registered yet, please get this done and set aside the time to enjoy this incredible new experience as we advance poultry science and support the students that will embrace poultry as a career.

Donald R. McIntyre
PSA President
Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting
Conference Schedule

We are pleased to announce that the conference schedule is now available online.
Registration is Open!

All registrants will be able to access pre-recorded sessions, poster presentations, and other content within the virtual meeting space following the conference until August 21, 2020. So, if you cannot see all you want to during the live conference dates, there will be time afterwards!

The deadline to register will be at 11:59 PM CST on July 16, 2020. Registration WILL NOT be accepted or open after this time.
Board Elections
Voting is Open Until July 20, 2020

All voting members of PSA can now cast their votes for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors. Elections will remain open until July 20, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST.

You will be required to login to the voting platform in order to record your vote. An email with your login credentials was sent on 06/02/2020 at 7:30 AM CST. If you need assistance, please contact Sam Shafer.
The deadline to submit a nominee is tomorrow , Thursday, June 11, 2020.
Nominating Committee Nominations

The Poultry Science Association is seeking nominations for an At-Large Member of the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee consists of the four most immediate Past Presidents and three elected members. Their duties are to nominate the slate of candidates for elective offices of the Association.

Nominees must be current Professional Members of PSA. Individuals may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone. Names of the nominees should be sent via email through the link below.
Interpretive Summary
Mapping Histomoniasis Outbreaks Reveals Increased Risk of Housing Chickens Within 1 Mile of Turkey Flocks

Preventing disease transmission between flocks is a major goal of the poultry industry, and one of those is a disease called histomoniasis. To stop outbreaks, scientists and poultry producers need a better understanding of how the disease spreads.
Let's "Squawk" About It
Viruses & Anitbiotic Use

For the second episode in our new web series, Let's "Squawk" About It, PSA sat down with
Dr. Billy M. Hargis with the University of Arkansas to discuss virus transmission between species and the role of antibiotic use in agricultural animals raised for food.
PSA Office Update
We are back and here to serve you!
After almost three months of remote working, the PSA Staff is now back in the office and ready to continue serving you. We are now able to answer our phones to answer questions. If you need help determining who to contact, please reference our staff directory on the Contact Us page of the website.
ARPAS Online Exams
Coming Soon!
Because of summer meeting cancellations and social distancing protocols, ARPAS is currently developing a process to offer remotely proctored online exams.

This process is still under development but should be operational by mid to late June. More information will be available on the ARPAS Website by June 11.


*The ARPAS Foundation pays exam fees for graduate students taking the ARPAS exam for the first time.
What is ARPAS?
The recognized source of CERTIFIED professional animal scientists.

The American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, ARPAS, is the non-profit organization that provides certification of animal scientists through examination, continuing education, and commitment to a code of ethics. It is difficult to evaluate the qualifications of individuals professing to be animal science specialists, but ARPAS members can provide producer and industry clients with assurance that they are getting advice from certified professionals who stay on the cutting edge. Members of ARPAS come from academia, industry, and government and are specialized in various disciplines of the animal sciences. Certification provides a new level of recognition to help you distinguish yourself to your clients.