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Good day everyone! I hope you all are keeping safe and healthy!

I wanted to chat today about the benefits of being a member of the Poultry Science Association. In the past, one of the primary benefits of joining the Poultry Science Association was to have free access to journal articles. With Poultry Science® and The Journal of Applied Poultry Research moving to open access, you may ask why you should join the Association. Well! There are so many reasons, and I have listed a few for you below!

  • Networking - The ability to expand your professional network is certainly enhanced by being a member of PSA! The PSA Membership Directory gives you contact information for all members of the society. This allows easy access for exchange of information amongst members. And, now the PSA Hatchery has created their own LinkedIn group for exclusive networking with student members!

  • Reduced Page Charges - For those that publish in Poultry Science® or The Journal of Applied Poultry Research, a discounted publication rate is available for members. With the journals moving to Open Access, the Impact Factor for these journals is steadily increasing, meaning more people across the world read and cite your papers!

  • Discounted Registration - One of my favorite events of the year is the PSA Annual Meeting, as it is a time when I can visit friends that I have met through the Association, and learn new ideas through presentations. I love it all! As a member, you receive a discounted registration rate for the Annual Meeting! Additionally, as a member, you have the opportunity to be nominated for and recognized by PSA for outstanding personal achievement through the PSA Award system!

  • Exclusive Content - Communication from PSA is an important part of being a member, and that has increased substantially in the last few years. As a member, you now receive electronic subscriptions to the PSA Postings, which is the Association’s official newsletter! Let’s Squawk About It web series and the monthly Interpretive Summaries are also new additions, and are excellent ways to introduce other members you might not have had a chance to meet, and learn about new research coming from our membership! You can even sign up to participate in these outlets!

  • PSA Hatchery - As a student, being part of the PSA Hatchery is exciting! This unites member students all across the world, and gives access to upcoming available graduate programs, scholarships and fellowships, new information, career fairs, ability to meet other PSA members and much more!

Karen Schwean-Lardner
First Vice President, PSA
2021 PSA Annual Meetings
Your Input is Appreciated

PSA distributed a survey to all meeting attendees from 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Attendee input is greatly appreciated as the program committee puts things together for the 2021 PSA Annual Meeting.

Not sure you received the email and should have? Check your inbox and spam folder for the message sent on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at approximately 9:00 AM CST.
Let's "Squawk" About It
Poultry Processing Technology
Curious as to how advances in engineering have benefited the poultry industry? PSA sat down with Doug Britton, Georgia Tech Research Institute, to discuss the technology evolution and the direction it is headed.

Want to Participate?
Do you want to squawk with us? Complete the Get Involved with PSA Form to submit your topic for consideration on Let's Squawk About It.
Interpretive Summary
Feeding Crumbles to Boost Early Broiler Growth

This summary explores the potential benefits that feeding broiler chicks feed crumbles as opposed to mash could have on the long-term growth improvements. Improvements in question relate to body weight, daily gain, and daily feed intake.
PSA Hatchery Member Benefit
Join the Exclusive Member Discussions

The PSA Hatchery is happy to provide student members with access to the PSA Hatchery group on LinkedIn.

Join this group for the latest news on scholarships, resources, opportunities, news and more! The content here will be geared towards students and discussion is highly encouraged.

If you are a student looking for ways to further your interaction and networking with your poultry science peers, this group is the place for you!

Please note that active PSA membership is required to join the group. Membership will be validated before granting access to the group.
Additional Reading
Potential Issues Related to Alternative Bedding Materials
This review article brings awareness to the key risk factors for poultry and human health as it relates to contaminants within bedding materials.

Transfer of contaminants from bedding to poultry meat are discussed along with the kind of risks associated.
2021 Student Video Competition
New Theme, Same Rules

After a great first year in 2020, the PSA Student Video Competition is back! This year's theme will focus specifically on poultry species! More information is available below.

Deadline to submit is May 31, 2020!
Noteworthy News
No In-Person IPPE in 2021

At the start of October, USPOULTRY announced that the in-person component of IPPE would not be taking place in 2021.

The difficult decision to cancel the annual expo's in-person component was made based on a variety of factors including surveying, feedback, and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Opportunities for exhibitor engagement and education are to be offered in a digital environment January 25-29, 2021. Further information is available by clicking the link below.