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January 2013 
The RSCM America Board of Directors extends its warmest and best wishes to you for a prosperous 2013. Happy New Year!

Supporting the Work of RSCM America

Support for our organization comes in many forms. First, in the form of the annual fees charged for the different levels of membership. Second, in terms of donations that are given with a membership fee, in response to a request for support of a particular project, or from collections taken at an RSCM America event or Summer Training Course. Third, we have those who give as patrons of RSCM America at one of the levels outlined on our website.

I am certain that many of us work in churches or institutions that have members who have been blessed with extraordinary lives that have given them extraordinary wealth. The men and women in our society who experience these blessings are also almost always men and women of vision and determination that are creative thinkers, possess a solid work ethic, and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

The Board has been made aware of an RSCM member that fits this description and that would like to become more involved in the support and workings of the organization. At one of our recent meetings it was suggested that we establish a "Friends of RSCM America" group, chaired by this particular member. The group would meet as and when needed or decided, and would serve as another resource for the support and work of RSCM America.

If you know of anyone in your church or institution that might be a candidate for membership in such a group, please send names and contact information to me at your convenience.

Thank you!
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Andrew Walker
President, RSCM America

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A Call for "Desert Island Anthems"
Getting Into Recruitment Mode
2013 Summer Training Courses
VOICE for LIFE Updates
RSCM News from Around the World
A Call for "Desert Island Anthems"
If you were stranded on a desert island with only ten audio tracks of anthems by American composers that you could play on your solar-powered iPad/Android, what would they be? How about one or two of these:

Friedell -- "Draw us in the Spirit's tether" and/or "Saw you never, in the twilight"
Sowerby -- "Eternal Light"
Dirksen -- "A child my choice"
Thomson -- "My shepherd will supply my need"
Thompson -- "Alleluia"
Argento -- "Easter Day"
Near -- "Christ hath a garden"

Send your ten suggestions to Kevin Radtke at for possible inclusion in an upcoming article to be submitted to Church Music Quarterly.
Getting Into Recruitment Mode
I don't know about you, but here at St. Michael's, I never stop being in "Recruitment Mode." It has led to my gaining a reputation at staff meetings for jumping on the information of any new family with kids that joins the church! least before Children's Ministries, the youth group, or the acolytes have grabbed them!

It's the same with RSCM America. For anyone and everyone you meet that is involved with music in any church, at any time, at any place--always have that "...Have you heard about RSCM America??" speech ready!

"But what do I say?" I hear you ask. Hop over to our Recruitment Campaign page and you will find many suggestions.


Psallam Spiritu et Mente!
RSCM America promotes excellence in church music practice and choral singing, is part of the worldwide network of The Royal School of Church Music, and works in collaboration with Westminster Choir College of Rider University.
2013 Summer
Training Courses

The brochures have been mailed out, planning is intensifying, and now might be the best time to be sure all your choristers, both children and adults, know about the RSCM America summer course offerings
for 2013!

Be sure to give them the website address for the Training Courses. All of the courses have websites listed on that page where choristers can find pictures, information, and downloadable forms for registering. And if you'd like additional paper copies of the brochure, simply request them from Kevin Radtke!

VOICE for LIFE logo

Revised and Americanized White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Red Level VOICE for LIFE workbooks are now available from GIA Publications!

RSCM U.K. also reports that the revision to the Choir Trainer's Book is the major publishing project for the first half of this year. Instead of one large volume we will see three smaller books: The VfL Guide to Musicianship (ear training and sight-singing); The VfL Guide to Choir Training; and The Guide to Using VOICE for LIFE. Look for one or more of these volumes to be available starting in April!

RSCM News from Around the World
Here's a handy link to composer and church musician anniversaries in 2013

Read the London Times article about new RSCM director Andrew Reid

The RSCM International Summer School takes place in York, England August 12-18, 2013! Click here for full details.
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