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February 2013 

Your Board of Directors (center group) hard at work at the January Board meeting in Florida!


Yes, it was unseasonably warm in Florida for our Board meeting on January 20-22, 2013 at St. Michael's Church in Orlando. Many pictures were taken as we ate lunch at an outside table, and many snapshots were sent to unfortunate friends and family members stuck in the frozen North!

The Board had a most productive meeting. We even went rather high-tech with one of our members, who after falling ill at the last minute joined us by way of Skype! The following items were discussed, planned for, and/or decided upon:
  • Our continued relationship with Rider University (Westminster Choir College campus), where our hard-working and ever-helpful coordinator Kevin Radtke has his office, working for us and for Westminster.
  • Issues involving RSCM U.K., including new awards certificates signed by the new Director; updated brochures; the revised and "Americanized" VOICE for LIFE materials; and the training requirements for new Bronze/Silver/Gold examiners.
  • Our upcoming Summer Training Courses, including exciting news about movement toward establishing a course on the West Coast in Portland, Ore.
  • Advertising and P.R. matters, including what we could do at this summer's national conferences of various denominations and/or musical organizations; our use of social media and our website; future issues of PSALLAM! and the Newsletter; and the documentary film Savoring Sacred Sound being made at the Carolina Course this summer.
  • The formation of a new group to support the work and mission of RSCM America, initially called "Friends of RSCM America." After some discussion, the name "The Nicholson Society" was also suggested for this group.
  • Financial matters, including the budget for 2013 and our efforts to secure an online payment option so that members can renew and/or make donations via PayPal.
  • Future meetings and venues--We will be having the combined meeting of the Board of Directors and the Training Courses Committee at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia later this year.
  • The election of officers and our new Director, Dr. Darryl Roland. Watch this space for Darryl's biography and photo, coming soon! We welcome him to the Board and look forward to working with him.  

Now for some reminders...

  1. Send in names of people in your parish that you think might be potential members in the new group above, possibly to be called "The Nicholson Society" (click here for a link to last month's PSALLAM!, where ideas for that group are discussed.)
  2. Send in your ten suggestions for "desert-island" American anthems! (details here.)
  3. It's time to gear up to register your choristers (kids and adults!) for our Summer Training Courses! Online registration for some of them is already open!

Soli Deo Gloria,
 Andrew's signature
Andrew Walker
President, RSCM America

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2013 RSCM International Summer School
Cover Photo
Montréal Boys Choir Princeton!
Artistic Director Position Available
RSCM News from Around the World
2013 RSCM International Summer School
York Minster
The 2013 RSCM International Summer School and Conference (ISSC) will take place August 12-18, 2013 in the beautiful and historic city of York. Here's a link to the RSCM web page where you can find all of the pertinent information, including a downloadable brochure.

We would very much like to know who from "this side of the pond" is attending. If you are planning to go, please e-mail Andrew or Kevin to let them know. Thank you!
Cover Photo
Draw Us In On the blue H. W. Gray Publications cover for many of its anthems (e.g. Friedell's "Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether") is a picture of the inside of what looks like some grand chapel or cathedral. However, the name and/or location of this building has stumped the Board of Directors, a gathering of 40 Choral Workshop Road Scholars (formerly Elderhostel), Mark Schweizer of St. James Music Press, and several music colleagues in the central Florida area. If you know, let us know!

Psallam Spiritu et Mente!
RSCM America promotes excellence in church music practice and choral singing, is part of the worldwide network of The Royal School of Church Music, and works in collaboration with Westminster Choir College of Rider University.
Montr�al Boys' Choir Princeton!
2012 Montreal Course
The Montr�al Course is moving to beautiful Princeton, N.J. for 2013! Choristers will reside at The Lawrenceville School, located in the countryside just outside of Princeton, with weekend services at the chapel of the Princeton Theological Seminary. Click here for full details and our updated Training Courses Brochure

Artistic Director
The Cathedral Choir School of Delaware has an opening for an Artistic Director. This salaried, full-time, 12-month position is available as of April 3, 2013. Among the qualifications is experience with the Royal School of Church Music in America. Please click here for full details, including principal responsibilities and application instructions.

RSCM News from Around the World
Steve Burk, the hard-working and ever-resourceful manager of the King's College Course, recently had an article about his Cathedral Choristers published in the Topeka Capital-Journal.

The 2013 Carolina Course will welcome Dr. David Arcus as course organist.

Thomas Hewitt Jones is a contemporary British composer with some wonderful compositions. Enter his name in a YouTube search and you'll hear clips from choral pieces published by the RSCM, as well as other pieces.

Peut-�tre vous voudriez visiter la France en juin, � chanter avec RSCM France?

RSCM U.K. has organ scholar programs for their summer courses, too!
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