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October 2014  

Another choir year begins, and it's a little wild in Orlando! Here at St. Michael's, change is afoot: our rector retired on the day of our St. Michael's Day celebration, September 28, with a huge celebration (guess who was involved with setting up AV for overflow crowds--with equipment that did not work as advertised!), two premieres of my pieces for the occasion, extra instruments, etc. I know many of you have done the "Big Festival Thing" and know how much work it requires. Add to that all the usual starting-up activities that a large music program requires after the summer recess, plus a choir festival I directed one weekend--and it has truly been a more crazy September than I can ever remember. The result? Other activities, such as this issue of PSALLAM!, ended up being pushed to the back burner. Mea culpa, indeed!

How has this Fall been for you and your program? Do write and let us know--especially to share creative ways you came up with to ease the burden. If we have enough replies, we'll include the best responses in our next PSALLAM! e-mail. Perhaps this year, for you, everything has fallen into place better than expected; we'd love to hear those stories as well!

Then we can but check the local and world news, and it's crazy out there. Thank God we have that passage from Paul's letter to the Romans: For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Psallam Spiritu and Mente! And may this 2014-2015 choir year be filled with just that for you all--making music with great spirit and understanding, inspiring the people of God whom you serve, and giving them glimpses (and maybe even some sustained visions) of His glory!

Soli Deo Gloria,
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Andrew Walker
President, RSCM America

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Update: RSCM America National Choir at Westminster Abbey
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Focus on the USA:
Items from Our August Meeting in Philadelphia
Do you know someone with a passion for the work of RSCM America?
We have one position on our Board of Directors that will become open in January. We will be reviewing past nominations at our teleconference this month, but would welcome further nominations. Click here to download a Recommendation Form. Please send in your recommendations before Saturday, October 18, if at all possible. A passion for the work that we do is an obvious requirement, but if you know of a person that has that combined with some knowledge/experience of PR and marketing, that would be an asset.

Go forth and spread the word!
Your colleagues in the church music field, your choir-members, musician friends, family, next-door neighbors...ALL are potential members and/or donors to RSCM America! Your Board is eager to spread the word, increase our membership, and seek donations to support all that we do. Work this question into that conversation you are having: ", have you heard about RSCM America, and the great work it does supporting church musicians? We have Affiliate, Individual, and Friend memberships...and maybe you could make a donation!"

Let's tell the RSCM world about our wonderful American composers!
In our last Newsletter we listed the results of a survey asking for your best-loved anthems by American composers. The goal: to have someone write an article (a full article, not one of the short, one-paragraph items that appear in CMQ's section of news from our worldwide members) that highlights ten of the best American anthems that every church should have in their library, no matter where it is. Again, click here to see the results, on Page 3. It is time to move forward with this project! We need a volunteer writer, or a suggested writer, for the Board to consider. Please respond to this e-mail or write to with suggestions!

Update: The RSCM America National Choir at Westminster Abbey, December 29-January 2
Here is where we are to date:
  • The choir is full, with many family members joining for the trip
  • The hotel is booked and initial deposits have been paid
  • Repertoire has been chosen and is in the process of being approved by Westminster Abbey
  • The Propers for the time we are there have been received, and psalms will now be pointed, set to chants, and distributed
  • About half the group gathered October 10-12 for a rehearsal hosted by David and Robin Arcus in Durham, N.C. (pictured below are some of the singers!) Great fun was had and good work was done by all. Thank you, David and Robin!

  • RSCM Director Andrew Reid is all set to conduct us on the evening of Tuesday, December 30, and will have worked with us that morning
  • Planning continues for a group meal after our final Evensong on Friday, January 2, to discuss the future of this first national choir representing RSCM America
Psallam Spiritu et Mente!
RSCM America promotes excellence in church music practice and choral singing, is part of the worldwide network of The Royal School of Church Music, and works in collaboration with Westminster Choir College of Rider University.
2015 Summer
Training Courses
Details for our TEN Training Courses in 2015 are now available online! Also be sure to check out the new website for the 2015 Pacific Northwest Course in Portland, Ore.!
Local Events
Have you hosted a recent RSCM event in your area? Perhaps a weekend choir festival involving member and non-member choirs? We'd love to receive photos and a short article about your event for publication in future PSALLAM! e-mails and our next Newsletter! Submit photos and articles to
VOICE for LIFE Supplemental Materials
VOICE for LIFE logo
If you go to our website's Getting Started page, and click on What supplemental materials do you use, from the RSCM or otherwise?, you will find a list of items some of our members use to assist them in working with their choir members on VOICE for LIFE levels.
Is there a glaring omission? A resource so valuable that you use it every week? Please send additional suggestions to and we will add them to the list!
Click here for a press release about the winners of the 2014 Schoenstein Competition in Hymn Playing

Click here for a poster advertising the 2015 John Sanders Memorial Competition for Young Composers
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