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Featured Article
How to Set Strong Objectives and Targets for your EHS Plan
By Cory Sander
EHS SolutionsBlog : Objectives and targets are a critical part of any Environmental Management System or EHS plan, but it can be tricky to use these two powerful tools effectively. Luckily, we have a few tips, tricks and tactics to help you set strong EHS objectives and targets.   
EPA Reducing Regulatory Burden on Industry
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced its new Smart Sectors program, a partnership program between agency and regulated sectors focused on achieving better environmental outcomes while reducing  regulatory burden on industry. Announced via publication on the Federal Register (EPA Smart Sectors Program Launch - 82 FR 44783), EPA summarizes the program's purpose:  Read More 
OSHA's Top 10 Violations 2017  
The OSHA TOP 10 Violations of 2017 list has been released. While many may yawn at the sight of a list that has little variation year-to-year, it is important to remember why this list exists: To provide a starting point for improving worker safety and place emphasis on the most frequent hazard.  
ISO 45001 Final Draft Stage
The highly anticipated ISO 45001 Standard has moved one step closer to publication after having its second version of the draft international standard (DIS #2) approved. ISO has also announced a provisional publication date for the final draft international standard (FDIS).  Read More 
Resources & Guidance
Free Download: Stormwater Inspection Checklist
Industrial stormwater inspection requirements vary from state-to-state, but no matter where your facility is located, you need a good stormwater inspection checklist to comply with your permit. It's typically a simple document-no more than a few pages long-that gives you a framework for your monthly or quarterly inspections.   
OSHA Publishes Interim Enforcement Guidance for Silica Construction Standard
An Oct. 19 memorandum for OSHA regional administrators provides interim enforcement guidance for compliance safety and health officers for enforcing the agency's respirable crystalline silica in construction standard, which became enforceable on Sept. 23, 2017.   
EPA Releases Guidance on Reporting CAFO Air Emissions
The Poultry Site: DBA reports that on Thursday, the Environmental Protection Agency released guidance documents to assist farmers in reporting air releases of hazardous substances from animal waste at farms. EPA is making this information available to give farmers time to review and prepare for the reporting deadline, which is currently set for 15 November 2017.  Read More 
Around the Web
The E.P.A.'s Top 10 Toxic Threats, and Industry's Pushback
NY Times: The Environmental Protection Agency has published a list of 10 toxic threats it will evaluate first under a law passed last year intended to crack down on hazardous chemicals. They are among 90 chemicals identified by the agency that may harm children, damage nerve tissue, cause cancer, contaminate the environment, accumulate in the bloodstream or show up in consumer products. As the review begins, industry and other interest groups are urging the E.P.A. to limit any restrictions.   Read More
EPA Releases "Sue And Settle" Policy Directive
Lexology- US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt issued an Agency-wide directive on October 16 intended to prevent lawsuit settlement practices that Mr. Pruitt said circumvent due process and EPA transparency standards.  Read More
Reopened CERCLA Liability: New Causes for Concern?
Lexology- New chemicals of concern, new scientific and technical developments, newly discovered wastes, or natural disasters can add up to new CERCLA liabilities. Read More
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