September 19th, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,


You are receiving this letter because your daughter is either a sophomore or junior student participating in the PSAT/NMSQT (The National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) on October 11, 2023, for National Testing Day. We offer the PSAT/NMSQT each fall as a means of exposing students to the kinds of questions and testing conditions that they may experience on the SAT. For our junior students, this test also functions as a qualifier for a National Merit Scholarship. These are awarded to students with competitively high scores.  

Important information about the exam format: The format of the exam is changing this year. It will be delivered digitally. Since the test is now digital, there are only 2 sections: reading/English and math, and each 1 hour long. A calculator will be allowed on the entire math section, which is different than in years past. The application the test will be delivered in will provide a calculator. All students will participate in a tech readiness check on Tuesday, October 3rd during their activity period where they will download the application used for testing (Bluebook). On this day students will also receive their testing ticket which will allow them to log in and access the study materials provided. 

The PSAT/NMSQT will be hosted at Trinity and will begin promptly at 8 am. Your daughter should arrive by 7:45 AM and report directly to her homeroom. Some homeroom spaces are not conducive to testing, such as rooms with lab tables, thus, there will be a sign on some homeroom doors directing students to an alternate testing location. Testing locations will also be posted in the main office for students to reference if needed. It is essential that students come to Trinity with a fully charged laptop this day. We will have outlets that students may use if needed, but students should be prepared to have their laptops in use for around 3 hours. Testing will conclude around 11AM for standard time and around 12 PM for extended time. Breaks are built into the exam, and students may use that time to eat a small snack or use the restroom. Once students are finished with their exams, they may leave. There will be Trinity transportation to and from school this day. Buses will pick up at normal times and locations. Buses will depart from Trinity at 12:10 PM. 

In addition, on test day please remind your daughter to bring the following items with her: A fully charged laptop and a snack/drink. 

Lastly, students should be in full uniform on this day. Trinity High School registers and pays for this test, therefore attendance is required on this day as well. If you have any questions please email your students counselor.


Allison Gant 

Testing Coordinator

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