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June 2019
Energy Freedom Act Set to Have Impact on SC Utilities
The passage of House Bill 3659, which was signed into law in May of 2019 as Act 62, The Energy Freedom Act, will have an effect on the regulation of renewable energy and public utilities in our state. The act can be found at this link, and the Commission is dedicated to outlining the far-reaching ramifications of this act to give context to the text of the bill. To that end, Jocelyn Boyd and Norman Scarborough have, over the last month, provided comprehensive presentations during Commission Business Meetings. Materials related to the the Energy Freedom Act, including Commission Directives establishing new procedures as required by the Act, can be found in the Commission's Docket Management System as NDI-2019-11, but you can also watch the presentation through the SCETV website at the links below:

For further information, please contact Jocelyn Boyd at 803.896.5114.
Advisory Committee Meeting
PSC Recognized by Human Affairs Commission
In April, the PSC was recognized by the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission for achieving Top Ten status and demonstrating Equal Employment Opportunity in 2017 and 2018. The Commission is proud of this designation and of their ongoing commitment to earning this recognition.

For more, please contact the Chief Clerk's office at 803.896.5114.
PSC Media Mentions
In May, the Commission issued two orders pertaining to Duke Energy Progress, LLC's and Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC's request for adjustments in electric rate schedules and tariffs. Those orders, Orders 2019-341 and 2019-323, respectively, can be reviewed by clicking on the listed links. For further research, we've compiled several articles related to the Commission's decisions and orders from regional media. Click on the links below to read each piece:

For further information about media coverage of the PSC, please contact Rob Bockman at 803.896.5142.
Recent Allowable Ex Parte Briefings
April 30, 2019: ND-2019-2-A: Allowable Ex Parte Briefing Regarding Colite Technologies' Products and Services
May 29, 2019: ND-2019-6-WS: Blue Granite Water Company's Request for an Allowable Ex Parte Briefing to Discuss the State of the Company
June 12, 2019: ND-2019-13-E: Allowable Ex Parte Briefing to Discuss The South Carolina Energy Freedom Act: An Overview and Next Steps by Request of the South Carolina Solar Business Alliance, Inc.
June 26, 2019: ND-2019-15-E: Allowable Ex Parte Briefing to Discuss Johnson Development Associates and House Bill 3659
Social Media Spotlight
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