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September 2019
PSC Announces Hiring of Power Advisory, LLC
On August 14th and 19th, the Public Service Commission held special business meetings to interview candidates for a consultant role in regard to Dockets No. 2019-184-E, 2019-185-E, and 2019-186-E. At the next Commission Business Meeting on August 28th, 2019, Commissioners announced that Power Advisory, LLC was the candidate they'd chosen for the position. Power Advisory, LLC has advised the government of Canada regarding the restructuring of power markets, conducted power market analyses across North America, and defended their analyses before state and provincial agencies. The Commission looks forward to their experience and familiarity with power markets in North America benefiting the work of the Commission and the ratepayers of South Carolina.
(Pictured: John Dalton, President)

The interview can be viewed here and the Commission's Directive announcing the company's retention can be downloaded at this link.
PSC Launches New Capabilities, Streamlines Processes
In September, the Public Service Commission rolled out changes to the Docket Management System and their latest technological capacity, the ability for witnesses to teleconference into Commission hearings. The DMS changes are focused on streamlining the research portal and making it easier to navigate--increasing the public's ability to access this powerful research tool.

As of September, the Commission is now capable of receiving testimony from witnesses via livestreamed video, thus facilitating decreasing barriers to participation.

For more information, please contact Randy Erskine at 803.896.5104.
From the Blog:
Bill Round-Up Workshop Held In August
On August 6th, the Public Service Commission hosted an exploratory workshop into bill round-up programs in our state. These programs essentially provide an easy way for ratepayers in the state to opt into helping others in the utility network; by rounding up to the nearest dollar the bills of those who choose to participate, utility providers can raise funds for those unable to pay their bills or who r equire emergency funding in the event of a disaster or interruption in servic e. Representatives from Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy Carolinas, SC AARP, the SC Appleseed Legal Justice Center, Dominion Energy South Carolina, South Carolina Electric Co-Ops, and South Carolina Telephone Coalition attended the PSC's workshop and presented the programs currently available to consumers and answered Commissioner questions about the feasibility of establishing more programs to benefit the ratepayers of South Carolina.

To watch the complete proceedings, please visit this link.
PSC Hiring for Two Positions
The Public Service Commission is hiring for two full-time positions with the agency. For the qualifications needed for each position, and to apply, please click on the links below:

These positions close on September 30th, 2019. Please apply online and direct any questions to the Office of the Chief Clerk at 803.896.5114.
Mark Your Calendars:
Please note that these are highlights—the complete calendar of scheduled events is available through the Docket Management System  at this link .
Recent Allowable Ex Parte Briefings
July 29, 2019: Docket No. 2018-202-E: Petition of Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC and Duke Energy Progress, LLC for Approval of CPRE Queue Number Proposal, Limited Waiver of Generator Interconnection Procedures, and Request for Expedited Review
August 14, 2019: Dockets No. 2019-169-E; 2019-170-E; 2019-182-E; 2019-185-E; 2019-186-E; 2019-195-E; 2019-196-E; 2019-207-E; 2019-208-E; 2019-210-E; 2019-211-E; 2019-224-E; 2019-225-E: South Carolina Energy Freedom Act (H.3659) Proceeding to Establish Duke Energy Progress, LLC's Standard Offer, Avoided Cost Methodologies, Form Contract Power Purchase Agreements, Commitment to Sell Forms, and Any Other Terms or Conditions Necessary (Includes Small Power Producers as Defined in 16 United States Code 796, as Amended) - S.C. Code Ann. Section 58-41-20(A)
September 17, 2019: Docket No. 2019-281-S: Application of Palmetto Utilities, Incorporated for Adjustment of Rates and Charges, Terms and Conditions, for Sewer Service Provided to Customers in Its Richland and Kershaw County Service Areas 
September 19, 2019: ND-2019-20-E: South Carolina Department of Commerce - Notice of Request for an Allowable Ex Parte Briefing to Discuss Commerce Overview, Current Economic Development Activity, and Role Energy Plays in Recruiting and Growing Business
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