Dear IMSA Community,

I wanted to share with you an update on the status of the Presidential Search Committee. The PSC has been committed to a transparent and inclusive process and we would like to thank all alumni, faculty and staff who applied to be a representative on the search committee.

The nominating groups and the Trustee members of the PSC considered representatives based on an individual’s commitment to IMSA, their ability to be a strong contributor to the PSC, and their ability to fulfill the PSC member expectations in addition to the following criteria:

We received many strong applications from excellent community members as of the September 23 deadline. The selection process involved sharing applications with the IMSA Local Council 604 to review faculty applications, IAA to review alumni applicants and the Senior Leadership Team to review staff applications. Each group nominated three finalists and presented them to us on September 30. A member of Cabinet was also selected.

I am pleased to share with you that the Board of Trustees has selected the following individuals to serve the PSC:

  • Alumni Representative: Jasmine Kwasa ‘09, Ph.D. Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Faculty Representative: Matthew McCutcheon, Math Faculty
  • Staff Representative: Tami Armstrong, Executive Director, Office of Public Affairs and Advancement
  • Cabinet Representative: Dr. Norman “Storm” Robinson III, Chief Innovation and Education Officer

We are confident that these men and women bring a strong passion and a deep understanding of IMSA, as well as a diverse perspective from the IMSA community, to the search committee.

The PSC will continue to engage with you, students, parents, partners and other stakeholders inviting your input as part of the search process. As always, I encourage you to share any thoughts or feedback with me at


Dr. Erin Roche '89
Chair, Presidential Search Committee