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PSCU Launches Newest Version of Proprietary Marketing Resources and Social Media  Management Tool, Engagement Builder, for Credit Union Industry

St. Petersburg, Fla. - (June 11, 2018) - PSCU, the nation's leading credit union service organization, has announced the launch of the newest iteration of its Engagement Builder marketing resource and social media management tool. The latest version of the product provides PSCU Owners and non-Owners alike with real-time credit union-relevant content, marketing webinars and a monthly magazine on the latest marketing trends and social media tips. For an additional cost, Engagement Builder also offers a state-of-the-art integrated social media management tool to engage and support their members.

Originally launched in 2013 as "Make Your Money Matter," more than 800 credit unions are now enrolled in Engagement Builder. The platform makes it possible for credit unions to promote their brand and the credit union industry as a whole for free, or for a fraction of what it would cost them to do so individually.

"Social media and marketing are important aspects to consider across all industries in today's interconnected and mobile-first world, but it is essential for credit unions to incorporate these items into their day-to-day business as they navigate the rapidly changing payments and fintech world," said Jessica Riollano, Engagement Builder Product Manager at PSCU. "Through Engagement Builder, we aim to make it easier for credit unions to communicate with their members via the channels they prefer in order to increase engagement and a sense of community, as well as keep members informed and up-to-date."

The new and improved version of Engagement Builder includes the following features:
* State-of-the-art social media integrations - Credit unions can integrate their social media channels into a single stream, allowing them to listen to members and prospects and turn conversations into brand awareness by delivering a personal, direct and customized experience. This feature is powered by Meltwater, a leader in media monitoring and business intelligence software.
* Real-time content - The tool provides a steady stream of searchable, pre-filtered news and updates on a wide range of topics, including financial literacy. Users can efficiently plan, schedule and post content, including already drafted captions and graphics, across their social media networks from a single platform.
* Customized reporting - Engagement Builder allows credit unions to create crosschannel reports, monitor competition and discover their target audiences.
* Chatbots - Credit unions can send automated responses to frequently asked member questions through private messaging with call center integration.
* Webinars - Credit unions can participate in webinars focused on marketing and social media topics and learn how to best implement and utilize these strategies within their markets.

"The Engagement Builder platform has really bolstered our presence on social media," said Andrews Federal Credit Union's Oma George, Chief Retail Officer. "Having the ability to post content to multiple channels, simultaneously, allows us to engage the various generations and demographics our members belong to."

"Using Engagement Builder has made scheduling and finding content for our social media account much easier," said Sherry Sawicki, Marketing Coordinator at DEXSTA Federal Credit Union. "Having everything in one place saves time and makes my day easier to manage."

Engagement Builder is available to PSCU Owners, as well as non-Owners. Interested credit unions can register for a free trial or request a demo at

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