April 8, 2021
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New This Week
Free Legal Workshop:
Equality Act and Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Laws
On Friday, April 23, 9:00 am – 10:30 am, Ron Van Blarcom will be sharing a Zoom workshop for Pastors and Administrators titled “The Equality Act and the Expansion of Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws”. Ron Van Blarcom has been a practicing California lawyer for over 30 years and, since 2009, he has served as in-house General Counsel to Concordia University. Irvine. CA. In service to the University, he has been directly involved in Title IX, discrimination and religious freedom issues. There is no charge to attend this workshop, however we do need you to register to attend to send the Zoom link to you. Please register attendance using this form.
Free Webinar: 6 Types of Working Genius
Leadership can be overwhelming and frustrating, but it can also be the adventure of a lifetime. That's why the ULC exists - to empower leaders to multiply missional impact by connecting the dots between leadership, theology, and ministry strategy. ULC will host a free live webinar once a month with special guest speakers.

Free Webinar - April 28th, 11:00 am PDT
Join Jack, Jake & Tim as they explore Patrick Lencioni's 6 Types of Working Genius model for helping your ministry place the right person in the right seat! All of these six types are required to get things done. None of us are good at all of them, but everyone is good at at least two! LIVE Q&A! RSVP today!
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"New" Stained Glass at Standing Stones Retreat Center

This 106-year-old stained glass window, originally from a church in Madison, Minnesota that has been in storage for 50 years, was recently installed in the outdoor chapel of the Prayer Garden at the Standing Stones Retreat Center near Wickenburg, Arizona. 

Standing Stones Retreat Center is the home of the Shepherd's Canyon Retreat ministry.
Previously Posted
Breakfast Bible Study: Mexico Missionaries
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Huntington Beach, CA is hosting a Breakfast Bible Study on Saturday, April 10 at 9:00 am featuring Rev. Daniel and Kathy Conrad who are LCMS missionaries in Mexico. Daniel serves as the coordinator of theological education for the entire country where he works with and mentors national pastors and pastors in formation. They are unable to travel to the United States at this time because of the pandemic, so we will learn about their work in a virtual presentation at Redeemer over Zoom. If you wish to watch in the Fellowship Hall, breakfast starts at 8:30 am. COVID-19 precautions will be followed. RSVP to the Church office at or call 714-846-6330. If you prefer Zoom, a link is posted on our website under Events, Upcoming Events.
One Minute: (The Opioid Epidemic)
You have probably seen the commercials on television promoting the website It was developed by the Orange County Health Care Agency to educate the public to the dangers of prescription opioid overuse. The opioid epidemic has devastated thousands of families across the country as loved ones misused their prescriptions for these pain pills. Millions of prescriptions for these pills have been written by physicians and been filled by pharmacists nation-wide. While many people have died or been injured by opioid misuse and abuse, opioids can be used effectively under tight control under physician’s care.
Opioids were originally marketed as non-addictive, safe, and user-friendly. But it soon turned out this was wrong. Opioids are highly addictive and dangerous. As the opioid epidemic worsened, Attorney Generals of many states sued several pharmaceutical companies for false marketing and lying to the public.
Chronic pain is real. Opioids were developed to deal with this pain. But many physicians have lost their licenses as a result of prescribing too many opioids and not monitoring their patients close enough. Read Full Article
Ensure Compliance and Caution During Reopening
Arizona and the regions of Nevada and California within the Pacific Southwest District have seen movement towards wider reopening from COVID-19 restrictions. As our churches and schools are able to increase capacities and in-person activities on their campuses, the PSD staff rejoices with you and also reminds you to conduct your reopening with care and caution.

Ensure that, as employers, you are in compliance with relevant state and local requirements, and with your insurance company requirements. This is especially important where written COVID-19 preparedness plans are required (including Arizona and California) – ensure plans are in place, being followed and communicated with employees trained in risk factors and prevention. OSHA has made clear that employers nationwide should provide “workers with up-to-date education and training on COVID-19 risk factors and protective behaviors.” In the growing number of states where specific training is required (including California), make sure training is conducted periodically and that successful training completion is documented for each employee. Beyond the primary goals of health and safety for those on your church or school campus, regulatory agencies like Cal/OSHA are actively engaged in enforcement in these areas. Be cautious, and take the necessary steps towards compliance.

Additional information:
Form EEO-1 Filing Required For Employers with 100+ Employees - Including Churches and Schools
Recently PSD staff have received questions regarding filing requirements for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) form EEO-1. The EEO-1 filing requires most employers with 100 or more employees to provide data on the racial/ethnic and gender composition of their workforce by specific job categories, referred to as component 1 data. In 2019, certain employers were also required to report hours worked and wage data to the EEOC, referred to as component 2 data. Note that there is no religious exemption - churches or schools with 100 or more employees will most likely need to file. Consult with your professional or legal resources or insurance provider for your organization.
The EEOC originally extended the deadline to March 31, 2021 for filing 2019 and 2020 data due to the pandemic. The EEOC postponed the data collection date again, but without setting a definite deadline for filing. At this point, it is anticipated the EEOC will open the portal for submission of 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 reports in April. A deadline for filing has not been published as of this time.

It is recommended that churches and schools eligible to file prepare their data submissions in advance so they are ready for submission when the portal opens. As in previous years, the EEOC stated that a notification letter will be sent to eligible filers.

Additional information:
Analog Sound Boards Available For FREE!
Bethany Lutheran Church, Long Beach, CA has three analog sound boards that we are no longer using and would like to find a new home for (give away). They are all a bit older, however they all worked when use was discontinued. If interested, contact Blake Flattley at
Equipped 2021 Jr. High Camp
The theme for this year’s JH Camp is Equipped. 2 Timothy 3:17 says, “so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” At camp this year, we will explore and respond to God’s Word by feeling fully, thinking critically, and doing justly. Jesus is far and away our best example of this: he felt with his heart when he had compassion; he reasoned with his head when he confronted evil, apathy, and pride; he used his hands to heal people and extend mercy to them.

JH Camp will be held May 27-30 at Tonto Rim Christian Camp in Payson, AZ. Registration information is available at
Our goal at JH Camp is for all of us to be much more equipped to feel, think, and do like Jesus did. We’ll do this through lots of experiential learning, meaningful messages, and intentional processing of ideas with peers and adult leaders. For more information, please contact DCE Dave Minster at 
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