Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois Newsletter December 3, 2018
Taylorville sees widespread damage; church responds to their neighbors in need.
Severe storms that blew through the northwestern part of the presbytery Saturday afternoon and evening.

Based on news reports and conversations with area pastors, it appears that the Taylorville area was the hardest hit with a tornado touching down in their area. As of Saturday morning, there are reports of injuries and property damage but fortunately no fatalities.

Please keep those impacted by the storms in your prayers as they begin their journey of recovery. And if you are aware of other impacted areas that may need assistance please contact the Presbytery office.

As the presbytery learns more about the recovery efforts and how we might assist our neighbors we will share that information.
The dedicated crew at the First Presbyterian Church of Taylorville, Illinois is busy making soup and brownies for their neighbors recovering from the tornado and storms that hit the area yesterday.
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