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2021 Year in Review

As we wrap up 2021 and my first year as executive director, I find myself proud of all that our team has accomplished, the path we are charting as an organization and the initiatives we’ve put in place to continue to improve the health of all Pennsylvanians. Through a year of constant change and readjusting every aspect of our lives – health, school, work and travel – we’ve all learned to compromise and live with the unknown. That is why I am beyond grateful for every email, phone call and conversation I’ve had with YOU, our supporters. Your belief in our mission makes what we do so much more rewarding.

During the past year PSR PA has worked with community groups and impacted residents that are concerned over the increase of Ewing Sarcoma and other rare cancers in southwestern PA. Pressure from our coalition has led Governor Wolf and the Department of Health to launch a pair of studies to explore the health impacts of the unconventional shale oil and gas industry. Since then, we have worked to hold the administration accountable to this promise, to ensure the studies include the impact of radioactive waste streams, and to make sure frontline communities have a direct line of communication with the Department of Health.

PSR PA is also working with researchers from Wayne State University and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to assess radiation exposure to communities in proximity to the unconventional oil and gas development industry. We collected air, water, and soil samples from across the state, and presented our findings in a virtual conference, "Cradle to Grave: The Reverberating Health Hazards of Oil and Gas Industry" on December 10th which you can view by clicking the image below.

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New Brief Documents DEP's Failure to Manage Toxic Waste

The Better Path Coalition released a brief called The Moratorium Morass which provides the public with its first look at assessments conventional drillers were supposed to make before spreading more than 2.2 million gallons of toxic, radioactive drilling waste on unpaved roads in the Commonwealth.

For the first time since the Department of Environmental Protection’s 2018 moratorium on road spreading, the Bureau of Waste Management asked 17 drillers to provide determinations they were supposed to conduct before continuing road spreading using a loophole called Coproduct Determination. The Better Path Coalition obtained eight of the self-determinations in response to a Right-to-Know request filed in October.
Three of the eight drillers responded with copies of lab reports. A fourth accompanied its lab report with a one-page township resolution approving road spreading. The other four companies submitted an assortment of things like township endorsement form letters and safety sheets for the commercial product they use for comparison. None of the determinations came close to satisfying the requirements laid out in the PA Code.

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Petrochemical Disruption Ramping Up in SW Pennsylvania
The Shell petrochemical facility in Beaver, PA will soon be ramping up to full production. Community members have been raising concerns about this facility for years and we must continue to stay vigilant to ensure the best possible outcomes given the unfortunate circumstances.
Preparing for Petrochemicals
In participation with Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Community - BCMAC

If you missed "Preparing for Petrochemicals" you can watch the recording. The program was powerful.
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