October 5, 2017

Draft Centers Framework to be released for public comment

The Growth Management Policy Board directed staff to release a draft Centers Framework proposal for a 30-day public comment early next week.

The Centers Framework update aims to clearly define the types of central places within the region -- both larger and smaller -- that are the focus of growth, planning, and investment. The framework will establish consistent designation criteria and other expectations for regional and countywide centers.

Board members discussed major topics within the draft Centers Framework, including:
  • Expectations for existing centers that may not yet meet the minimum regional criteria
  • Criteria for countywide growth and industrial centers
  • Recognition of the four major military installations in VISION 2050 
The board will use feedback received during the comment period to help inform changes to the Centers Framework proposal prior to a recommendation to the Executive Board.  

For more information, contact Liz Underwood-Bultmann at 206-464-6174.