Healthcare Snapshot

December 2023

NW Momentum Health Partners ACO Achieves Shared Savings Sixth Year in a Row

NW Momentum Health Partners (NWMHP) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and its Participating Providers have generated savings in the Global & Professional Direct Contracting Model. Still dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic, NWMHP's partnering providers continue to focus on initiatives that bring additional value to their patients.

Grossing over $5 million in total savings to Medicare in 2022 and achieving a quality score of 100%, NWMHP ACO Participating Providers have demonstrated a continued commitment to advancing value-based care for their communities and shifting to new, innovative ways to care for their patients. 

NWMHP ACO has continued this work by participating in the ACO Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (REACH) Model in 2023.

Read the full press release here: NW Momentum Health Partners Achieves Positive Health Outcomes and Savings in First Year of the Global & Professional Direct Contracting Model

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Patient Success Story

A PSW patient was introduced to Care Management services following multiple visits to the Emergency Department due to urinary retention and hematuria. While undergoing treatment and preparing for surgery under the care of a urologist, the patient consistently engaged with the PSW Nurse Care Manager. Daily calls became a routine for the patient to share concerns and challenges related to urinary retention, and he found comfort in the nurse's support and companionship.

After the procedure to remove a bladder mass, later revealed to be cancerous, the patient faced a challenging diagnosis of stage 4 cancer that had spread to his lungs. Throughout this difficult period, the patient continued reaching out to the PSW nurse for weekly support. Grateful for the unwavering presence and time dedicated by the nurse, he expressed appreciation for the meaningful conversations they shared.

Despite the PSW nurse's ongoing efforts to support the patient and maintain communication with medical professionals, the patient's health declined further. Choosing not to pursue chemotherapy, he opted for radiation but declined hospice care initially, citing a past experience with his wife's passing. The PSW nurse persistently provided information about the potential benefits of hospice care, and eventually the patient, facing increased pain, agreed to hospice services. The PSW nurse collaborated with the patient's Primary Care Provider to facilitate a referral.

Now enrolled in hospice care, the patient's comfort measures are underway, and the interdisciplinary team is providing compassionate support. Reflecting on the situation, the PSW Nurse Care Manager expressed sadness witnessing the challenges faced by the patient but also expressed gratitude that he now has dedicated support to make him as comfortable as possible. To this day, the patient continues to reach out to his nurse care manager on a weekly basis, maintaining a connection during this challenging journey.


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