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January 2024

Happening Soon! Health Care Value Week

The third annual Health Care Value Week officially kicks off on January 29th this year! Value Week events will run through February 2nd with a mixture of virtual and in-person events.

This year, Health Care Value Week is set to offer diverse chances for stakeholders, health care leaders, and government officials to participate in critical discussions concerning the progress of Value-Based Care approaches. This approach helps organizations prioritize patients' health outcomes over the quantity of visits. Patients are treated as whole individuals rather than a set of symptoms.

Registration is free for those that would like to attend the virtual events. Learn more, view the schedule, and secure your spot here:

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Patient Success Story

A Nurse Care Manager successfully engaged a patient who had undergone gastric bypass surgery several years ago and was now experiencing complications that have led to multiple Emergency Department (ED) visits. Despite challenges, including unsuccessful referrals and difficulty involving the Primary Care Physician (PCP) due to semi-retirement, the nurse care manager demonstrated proactive efforts to support the patient.

Facing resistance from the gastroenterologist office to schedule the patient due to an existing association with another gastroenterologist, the nurse care manager began coordinating with other providers that the patient has seen. The nurse care manager was able to connect with a healthcare provider who had previously seen the patient during an ED follow-up visit and conveyed the challenges faced by the patient.

The medical assistant at the provider's office actively worked to address the situation, securing an appointment with a different gastroenterologist. Subsequent follow-up by the nurse care manager revealed that the patient reported receiving the necessary assistance, feeling heard, and obtaining the care required. This success underscores the importance of effective healthcare advocacy and collaboration in ensuring positive outcomes for beneficiaries.


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