Pregnancy, blessing that it may be, creates a host of unexpected changes for the human body. Sure, you know you’ll be putting on new pounds to facilitate and support a growing life. But do you know how to maneuver safely with that ever-growing bump? And yes, you’ve likely heard that you’re going to have to pee much more frequently. But do you know how to contract your pelvic muscles to avoid any long-term incontinence issues? While we’re on the subject, how much do you really know about your pelvic muscles?

With pregnancy, there are certainly changes to contend with on the outside, but there are also big changes happening on the inside of your body too. If your OB hasn’t discussed matters of the pelvic floor (a network of muscles located in your pelvis that stretch like a hammock that serve as a sort of “basket” to support your growing baby), it’s ok. Additional resources exist beyond the stirrups at your doctor’s office that can help you not only gain awareness of the importance of your pelvic floor but can also assist you with figuring out how to move in the best and safest ways possible to accommodate for your changing body.
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PT after breast cancer
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decreased motion
  • Many patients experience a decrease in shoulder, neck and chest motion, making daily tasks more difficult. This can be caused by surgery and/or radiation, which can cause scarring and tissue damage. Manual techniques performed by a physical therapist, including soft tissue and joint mobilizations, can improve the mobility of restricted areas.
loss of strength & balance
  • Chemotherapy can affect strength and balance through tingling or numbness in the extremities, muscle atrophy due to a decrease in caloric intake from lack of appetite, and increased risk of osteoporosis. Muscle weakness or poor balance can lead to difficulty walking, standing or lifting. A physical therapist can use several skilled techniques to improve balance, gain muscle strength, and guide the patient through weight-bearing exercise to limit bone loss.
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