April 2019
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2019 Council Election: Voting now Open
The 2019 Council Election Poll is now open to fill two vacant Council positions. Voting will take place electronically between March 27, 2019 and midnight April 17, 2019. Members on the General Register can vote. All voting is anonymous.

Introducing the New Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Standard of Practice: Who is a Patient?
On March 15, 2019 Physiotherapy Alberta received Ministerial approval of the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Standard of Practice. Both the Standard and all the provisions of Bill 21: An Act to Protect Patients came into force on April 1, 2019.

DO. LEARN. GROW. Continuing Competence Program
2019 College-Selected Activity

A College-Selected Activity is an activity that Physiotherapy Alberta selects, or creates, for members to complete. The purpose of the College-Selected Activity is to improve physiotherapists' collective awareness of a topic. For this reason, it seems obvious that this year’s College-Selected Activity is Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct: what members need to know. 

Self-Selected Activity

What Does “Deep, Significant, Meaningful, Learning” Mean? When completing the Practice Improvement Record for your Self-Selected Activity, you are expected to report on both competence and performance.

Myths and Facts Quiz

Take this four-question quiz to see how much you know about the Self-Selected Activity before moving on to completing your Practice Improvement Record. Visit physiotherapyalberta.ca/dolearngrow for more information.

Good Practice: Protecting Personal Information
It is important that members understand which legislation applies to the various personal information they collect and that they are responsible for the protection of any personal information under their control. This includes the responsibility to protect the personal information they collect against possible privacy breaches.

Mentorship Guidebook: Relationship Agreement and Action Plan
In this article I would like to discuss the third phase of the Model - planning. The planning phase is focused on two questions: “How will we work together?” and “How can I achieve my goals?” and includes developing a mentorship agreement and action plan.

Hearing Publication

The Hearing Tribunal of Physiotherapy Alberta - College + Association (the College) conducted a hearing into allegations that a member engaged in unprofessional conduct.

Council News: March 2019

Updates from the March 2019 Council meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities: Various Committees

Now is your chance to get involved! Physiotherapy Alberta currently has three volunteer opportunities.

Mandatory Reporting for Employers and Physiotherapists

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA) s. 57, employers are legally obligated to report the termination, suspension or resignation of a physiotherapist for reasons of unprofessional conduct, incapacity or incompetence as soon as reasonably possible. Reporting helps Physiotherapy Alberta maintain public and patient safety and best interest.

If an employer has reasonable grounds to believe that the conduct of a physiotherapist constitutes sexual abuse or sexual misconduct, the employer must notify the Complaints Director as soon as possible. 

If a physiotherapist has reasonable grounds to believe that the conduct of another regulated member of any College constitutes sexual abuse or sexual misconduct, they must notify the Complaints Director of the other regulated member’s College as soon as possible.  
Mark your Calendars!

The 2019 Connect + Learn conference will be held October 19-20, 2019 in beautiful Canmore, Alberta at the Coast Hotel and Conference Centre. What better place to unwind, network and learn than the beautiful Rocky Mountains? Stay tuned! Registration will open this spring!
Physiotherapy Alberta is now accepting abstract submissions for Connect + Learn 2019!

Are you interested in presenting a Short Snapper session highlighting clinical research in Alberta? If so, submit your abstract here. All primary presenters will receive email notification if their abstract has been selected. Successful applicants will receive a discount on their conference registration to join us in Canmore on October 19-20!

Submission deadline is April 12, 2019.
Diversity and Inclusion in Physiotherapy Practice
Date: April 10, 2019
Time: 4:00 p.m.

Do you feel uncertain about how to approach and build a therapeutic relationship with a person from a gender or sexual minority group? Are you concerned you may say the "wrong thing"? Want to increase your knowledge and understanding of how identifying as a member of a gender or sexual minority can impact on health and health care? This session will discuss:
  • The lexicon of gender and sexual identity and the importance of clear, appropriate, inclusive language.
  • The barriers that individuals from gender and sexual minority communities encounter when accessing health care and the impact these barriers can have on their health.
  • Measures that health-care providers can adopt to help to create safe, inclusive spaces for people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Presenter: Maxi Miciak, PT, PhD and Jenny Setchell, PT, PhD
Future Webinars

Practice Pearls for Physiotherapy Management of Torticollis
Date: May 16, 2019
Time: 8:00 a.m.

Understanding Bill 21, An Act to Protect Patients
Date: June 11, 2019
Time: 8:00 a.m.
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Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2019

Have you thought of a research topic that interests you but you are not sure where to even start? Please review the Clinical Research Innovation Fund guidelines and consider developing a proposal. The CRIF is available to support clinically-relevant research by clinicians in the physiotherapy community.

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