Volume 7 | August 2017
PT Alberta
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Born to Move: Calla's Story
Parents Mike and Simone noticed that 20-month -old Calla had an unusual way of sitting and seemed to have trouble straightening her leg. Eventually, young Calla was diagnosed with a mild form of cerebral palsy.

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Online Renewal is Now Open
Renew by midnight September 15, 2017 to avoid paying the $118 late fee

Under the Health Professions Act, to practice as a physiotherapist and use the titles physiotherapist or physical therapist or abbreviation PT you must be registered and have a valid practice permit. Practice permits issued to members on the General Register expire September 30 and must be renewed annually.
Jurisprudence Module
All members on the General Register must complete the new jurisprudence module before September 30, 2017, regardless of when they completed a previous version of the jurisprudence module. A notice was emailed to members on the General Register this week.

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Good Practice: Emerging Practices and Treatment
New treatments are constantly being discovered, researched, and put into practice which leads to questions regarding billing and scope of practice.

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Competence: 5 Tips to Complete The 2017 Reflective Practice Review
It’s time to make completion of the Reflective Practice Review documents a priority, as registration renewal is just around the corner.
Your Career Compass: Developing Your Career Plan + Marketing Yourself
A strategic career plan is a blueprint for action. Marketing involves effectively communicating what you have to offer. The final two phases of the Donner-Wheeler Career Planning and Development Model are Developing Your Strategic Plan and Marketing Yourself.
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Staffing Announcement
Physiotherapy Alberta is happy to welcome Nancy Littke, PT, as our new Practice Advisor. Nancy graduated from the University of Alberta in 1980 with a BScPT and completed her Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of British Columbia in 2010. Many members already know Nancy as she has been actively involved in the physiotherapy community for some time.

Future Webinars

TMD Management Basics
Date: October 19, 2017
Time: 8:00 a.m.
September Webinar: Introduction to the Donner-Wheeler Career Planning and Development Model
Date: September 21, 2017
Time: 8:00 a.m.

During this session, Mary Wheeler, partner in donnerwheeler, will describe the Donner-Wheeler Career Planning Model. Mary will present a case study to demonstrate how the process can help physiotherapists to develop career plans and strategies to achieve their career goals.

Presenter: Mary Wheeler RN, MEd, PCC
Other News
World Physical Therapy day is September 8, 2017. For more information, click here.

If you aren’t already a member of ignitephysio, visit ignitephysio.ca today and join the online community of over 1,100 physiotherapists across Alberta!  These are just some of the great discussions happening on ignitephysio.
PD Events

Did you know Physiotherapy Alberta posts professional development events that are of interest to members? This month, there are 3 events happening in and around Alberta!

Evidence Corner

Does the FIFA 11 program help prevent injuries and increase dynamic balance and exercise performance among adult soccer players? View the systematic review and meta-analysis.
Volunteer Opportunities

Each year Physiotherapy Alberta hosts a BBQ for students entering the Physical Therapy program at the University of Alberta. If you are interested in contributing an item for us to give away as a door prize, let us know! This is an opportunity for you to get your organization's name out to the new students. For more information, or to donate, email Haylee at horeilly@physiotherapyalberta.ca.
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