December 2019
PT Alberta
Good Practice: The 411 on Member Registration Information
Physiotherapy Alberta gathers a considerable amount of information from regulated members each year. But why is that information needed? And what is done with it after it is collected? This article will address these and related questions.

Research in Focus: What is the Effect of Health Coaching Delivered by Physical Therapists?
Non-communicable diseases are prevalent health conditions that are related to the presence of health behaviour risk factors such as lack of physical activity, smoking, unhealthy eating, and harmful use of alcohol. Health coaching aims to modify health behaviours to improve patient outcomes.

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Council Election!
We recently experienced a federal and provincial election this year and now nominations are open for the Physiotherapy Alberta Council Election. Council election is different. If appointed to Council, members do not represent those that appointed them (as would be in a provincial or federal election), they represent the “public interest.” We are looking for individuals who have the interests of the public at the core of their motivation and can put personal interests aside. This is an opportunity to impact how the profession serves Albertans. Is it time to give back to your profession by putting your name forward?

Continuing Competence: The Evolution of Competence

The great part of working in continuing competence programming for so long is to see regulator’s understanding of the topic of continuing competence evolve. Some of the evolution has been born out of revolution.

2020 College-Selected Activity: Under Construction 

The College-Selected Activity is paused while it is being built. Members will be notified when it is ready; watch for an announcement this spring.
Council News November 2019

News from the November Council meeting.

Cancelled Registrations 2019

Registrations cancelled October 1, 2019 either at the request of the member or by Physiotherapy Alberta when the member failed to renew their practice permit.

NMES - Evidence Overview
Date: December 12, 2019
Time: 8:00 a.m. MDT

This webinar will provide participants with:
  • Key clinically-relevant messages from “Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for Treatment of Muscle Impairment: Critical Review and Recommendations for Clinical Practice” (PTC, 2017)
  • Practical tips on how to be more effective in the application of NMES    
  • Where to get your questions about NMES, and other electrotherapeutic modalities, answered

Presenter: Alison Hoens
Upcoming Webinars

Observational Gait Analysis and Philosophy of Biomechanics
Date: January 16, 2020
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Other News

The College of Physical Therapists of BC are developing supervision and mentorship toolkits to support Internationally Educated Physical Therapists (IEPTs) during their transition into the Canadian health-care context. CPTBC are undertaking this project in partnership with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and have received ethics approval from UBC. The final product of this project will be resources to support interim/provisional/temporary certificate holders, supervisors and IEPT mentors. While focused on IEPTs, it should be equally applicable to domestic graduates and their supervisors. One of the first stages of the project is to conduct surveys and some focus groups (by webinar) to identify any challenges or barriers supervisors and new physiotherapists have encountered. 

If you are a current or past interim/provisional registrant, click here for more information.

If you are a current or past supervisor, click here for more information.
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Professional Development Events

Have you checked out the PD Events page recently? This December, there are 8 events happening in and around Alberta!

Evidence Corner

A descriptive qualitative study that explores the readiness of people living with HIV and multimorbidity to engage in exercise and the multiple factors that can affect readiness.  Are you ready? Exploring readiness to engage in exercise among people living with HIV and multimorbidity in Toronto, Canada: a qualitative study.
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