February 2020
PT Alberta
2020 Council Election: Meet the Nominees
11 members have been nominated for the 2020 Election! Funsho Aronito-Owohunwa, Grant Fedoruk, Roya Hamad, Carla Mason, Dan Matchullis, Joey Mo, Julie Rabnett, Tzvetelina Tchilinguirova, William Tung, Linda Wells and Tom Young have all put their names forward!

Research in Focus: Pain Catastrophizing Moderates the Daily Relationships Between Parent and Child with Chronic Pain
Pain catastrophizing is recognized as a factor that exacerbates chronic pain. Among youth with chronic pain, both parent and youth pain catastrophizing may predict worsening pain, with some research suggesting that parents who catastrophized about their child’s pain experienced increased distress and demonstrated increased protective responses towards their child.

Good Practice: Reviewing The Standards of Practice
The current Physiotherapy Alberta Standards of Practice were published in 2017. Although most Good Practice articles reference one or more standards and how they impact your daily practice, it is also important that you understand Physiotherapy Alberta’s expectations regarding members’ understanding and compliance with the Standards as a whole.

Continuing Competence: "Unskilled and Unaware of it"

One of my favorite research articles is "Unskilled and Unaware of It: How difficulties in recognizing one’s own incompetence leads to inflated self-assessments." This study acknowledges that they are not implying that people are always unaware of their incompetence.

2020 College-Selected Activity: Under Construction 

The College-Selected Activity is paused while it is being built. Members will be notified when it is ready; watch for an announcement this spring.
Maintain Your Information
Physiotherapy Alberta collects a lot of information from registrants - everything from where you work, the age of patients you treat, what education you received and what restricted activities you perform. Who cares and why do you need to share?

2020 Funding Opportunities for Members

Did you present your research/work or complete professional development in 2019? You could qualify for financial assistance from Physiotherapy Alberta.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are currently no volunteer opportunities. Check www.physiotherapyalberta.ca for updates.
Pelvic Health Survey
Over the last 2 months, Physiotherapy Alberta has been in contact with registrants who self-identified during the 2019 registration renewal period as providing pelvic health services or performing the basic restricted activity of internal pelvic examinations.

Registrants who provide pelvic health physiotherapy services have been asked to take part in a survey so that Physiotherapy Alberta can better understand how physiotherapists working in this area of practice develop their competence and skills. We have engaged in this project in response to concerns from Alberta Health regarding the training and practice of physiotherapists performing internal pelvic examinations and physiotherapists’ competence to do so.

Physiotherapy Alberta has committed to developing a comprehensive practice guide for physiotherapists who perform the restricted activity of internal examinations as part of the provision of pelvic health physiotherapy. In addition, the College is in the process of updating its website to clearly identify physiotherapists qualified to perform the restricted activity of internal examinations as part of the provision of pelvic health physiotherapy.

We are seeking responses from all registrants who work in this area of practice, in order to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of pelvic health physiotherapy services in Alberta.

If you work in this area of practice and have not yet responded to the survey, please contact info@physiotherapyalberta.ca to receive a link to the survey. 
Screening for Psychosocial Factors in Patients with Low Back Pain
Date: February 20, 2020
Time: 8:00 a.m. MDT

This session will discuss:
  • What are psychosocial factors?
  • How do they relate to the development of persistent pain?
  • Why would a physiotherapist want to screen for psychosocial factors in patients presenting with acute or chronic low back pain?
  • What screening tools are available to do so?
  • How would findings from screening for these factors impact upon the physiotherapy management of patients with low back pain?
  • Results from a recent Alberta study investigating whether physiotherapists can screen for psychosocial factors in patients with low back pain.

Presenter: Karin Eldred, PT
Upcoming Webinars

Reconceptualizing the Management of Rotator Cuff Injuries: Physiotherapy as Plan “A” to “Z”
Date: March 19, 2020
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Diagnostic Imaging
We have received numerous inquiries about the proposed changes to diagnostic imaging referrals ordered by physiotherapists. To be clear, physiotherapists are not losing the ability to order diagnostic imaging. The proposal from Alberta Health in the negotiations with Alberta Medical Association proposes DI services ordered by physiotherapists (and other uninsured providers) will no longer be paid for by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. 

Physiotherapy Alberta – College + Association has provided feedback on this specific proposal and met with Alberta Health to discuss its potential impacts on the care provided to Albertans. We share the government’s goals of a patient-centered health-care system that will pursue innovative reforms that drive efficiency and improve patient outcomes; however, are concerned this proposal will delay access to timely care. We remain committed to ensuring the right systems and processes are in place to support quality, effective physiotherapy care for Albertans. 

The deadline for a decision on this proposal has been extended. We encourage physiotherapists to contact your local MLAs to discuss your concerns.
Other news
The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators is currently seeking a physiotherapist to join the Board of Examiners. They are specifically seeking a physiotherapist who is currently working in direct clinical practice. Click here for more information.

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators are also currently seeking physiotherapists in Alberta to join the local Written Item Generation Team. This team is responsible for writing and reviewing questions for the Written Component of the PCE. Click here for more information.
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Professional Development Events

Have you checked out the PD Events page recently? This February, there are 17 events happening in and around Alberta!

Evidence Corner

This paper reports on the clinical changes made by chronic stroke patients treated on the Queen Square Programme, factors that might predict responsiveness to therapy and the relationship between changes in impairment and activity. Intensive upper limb neurorehabilitation in chronic stroke: outcomes from the Queen Square programme.
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