January 2020
PT Alberta
2020 Council Election: Nominations Now Open!
Nominations are now open for the 2020 Council Election! Is it time to give back to your profession by putting your name forward? Nominations close January 24.

Research in Focus: Tai Chi vs Health Education in Subsidized Housing
Several studies have demonstrated multiple benefits of tai chi. However, these studies have not typically included older adults living in subsidized housing who may face unique health challenges and risks of decline due to their socio-economic status. This study specifically targeted this patient population and compared the effect of tai chi versus health education on physical function, health-care utilization and cost.

Good Practice: Starting a Mobile Practice
As Albertans look for more convenient access to health care, services provided in the home are becoming more popular. In response to this need, many Alberta physiotherapists are providing mobile or in-home physiotherapy services. However, whether the plan is to see the odd patient in their own home or to start a home care business, members must be aware of potential risks associated with this type of practice.

Member Spotlight: A Passion for Patient Safety
Physiotherapy Alberta shines our spotlight on Sandi Kossey, an Alberta physiotherapist who has gained national and international recognition as a leader in the area of patient safety and quality care. Sandi has put her experience as a physiotherapist and her passion for safe, effective, quality patient care to work as a senior director of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI).

Self-Selected Activity: How Burnout and Engagement Affect Competence

The words “continuing competence” have been included in the lexicon of regulation for less than 30 years. Prior to that you will not find it used in discussions of regulation or education. Now, gaining popularity is the engagement discourse.

2020 College-Selected Activity: Under Construction 

The College-Selected Activity is paused while it is being built. Members will be notified when it is ready; watch for an announcement this spring.
Leadership Message January 2020

Happy 2020 to all Physiotherapy Alberta members! I hope you enjoyed a warm and happy holiday season surrounded by family and friends. T’is the season for self-reflection, self-renewal, and making resolutions.

Volunteer Opportunities

The World Transplant Winter Games is being held at Banff and Lake Louise on February 23-28th, 2020. They are looking for volunteer physiotherapists. You can find out more about the games here. If you are interested, please complete this form.
Observational Gait Analysis and Philosophy of Biomechanics
Date: January 16, 2020
Time: 8:00 a.m. MDT

An introduction to gait analysis terminology, analysis methodology, and application to patients. We will discuss how anatomy relates to gait. The philosophy discussion will help understand why people walk the way they do from the perspective of Function, Comfort, Efficiency.

Presenter: Beth Watkins, PT, BScPT and Justin Lewicke, MBA B.Sc. Kin
Upcoming Webinars

Screening for Psychosocial Factors in Patients with Low Back Pain
Date: February 20, 2020
Time: 8:00 a.m.
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Professional Development Events

Have you checked out the PD Events page recently? This January, there are 6 events happening in and around Alberta!

Evidence Corner

A randomized controlled, single-blinded trial evaluating the effect of three types of exercise intervention in patients with patellofemoral pain and to verify the contributions of each intervention to pain control, function and lower extremity kinematics. Is hip strengthening the best treatment option for females with patellofemoral pain? A randomized controlled trial of three different types of exercises.
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