July 2020
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What does Stage 2 of Alberta's reopening mean for physiotherapists?
On June 9, 2020 Premier Kenney and Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, announced that Stage 2 of Alberta’s reopening strategy will start on June 12, 2020. This is paired with the understanding that the current state of public health emergency will not be extended when it expires on June 15, 2020. While these are positive signs, the announcement does not mean that the risk of COVID-19 has come to an end or that the virus has stopped circulating in our communities, a fact frequently highlighted by Dr. Hinshaw.

Occupational Health and Safety Inspections
Physiotherapy Alberta – College + Association has been informed that Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) officers are going to begin actively inspecting physiotherapy worksites as part of ongoing Government of Alberta pandemic management activities.

Good Practice: Multiple Roles in the Health-care System
Many Alberta physiotherapists are trained or have a background in more than one area of health or wellness. It is not uncommon for physiotherapists to utilize a background in kinesiology to offer personal training sessions or for a physiotherapist who uses yoga in practice to also teach yoga classes in the community. Although less common, physiotherapists may also be registered with more than one health regulatory college.

Research in Focus: Early Rehabilitation Reduces the Likelihood of Developing Intensive Care Unit-Acquired Weakness
Critical illness is known to be associated with ICU-Acquired Weakness (ICUAW) one component of Post-ICU Syndrome (PICS). ICUAW is a “clinically detected weakness in critically ill patients in whom there is no plausible etiology other than critical illness.” PICS is characterized by a combination of mental health, cognitive and physical impairments effecting survivors of critical illness.

Self-Selected Activity: Observations about the Practice Improvement Record Review

Do you ever wonder what happens to your Practice Improvement Record after you submit it at renewal? After you hit “submit,” in accordance with the DO.LEARN.GROW. program rules, staff work on a review of regulated members’ Practice Improvement Records.

2020 College-Selected Activity: Infection Prevention and Control in the Context of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged Alberta’s physiotherapists in unprecedented ways. For the foreseeable future COVID-19 disease transmission prevention measures must be responsibly managed by physiotherapists. For this reason, the 2020 College-Selected Activity requires you to demonstrate your actions to DO. LEARN. GROW. your COVID-19 infection prevention control knowledge and competence.


Do you have a colleague who strives to improve quality of care and/or service delivery? Do you know of a physiotherapist who shows excellence in practice and/or promotion of the profession? Is there a physiotherapist student you know who demonstrates leadership?

The nomination deadline is midnight July 20, 2020.

Council News: June 2020

News from the June 2020 Council Meeting.

June 2020 Leadership Message

Leadership message from Council President, Karin Eldred.

College Conversations Podcast

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Episode 13
Date: June 2020
In this episode, we talk about infection prevention and control and some of the lasting effects that COVID-19 may have on physiotherapy practice. Fundamentally, the pandemic has changed clinical practice. Some of the changes seen will remain, even as the first wave of the pandemic wanes and will affect how we address the predicted second wave of COVID-19 as well as other infectious diseases, such as annual influenza outbreaks.

Episode 12
Date: May 2020
In this episode, Jody Prohar, Registrar and Executive Director of Physiotherapy Alberta is in the hotseat, answering common physiotherapist questions and discussing overlooked legislative responsibilities. In this rapid-fire episode we cover many of the most common questions Physiotherapy Alberta receives from our registrants. Want to be in the know? Then listen to this episode!

Episode 11
Date: April 2020
Physiotherapy Alberta has been promoting telerehabilitation since 2017; however, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, its use in physiotherapy practice has increased dramatically. While many people envision videoconferencing when they consider this format of service delivery, telerehabilitation or digital practice includes the remote delivery of physiotherapy using all forms of electronic communication technology. This can include text or email, video- or teleconferencing, and even robotics and virtual reality.

Other news
University of Alberta physical therapy students need your help. Due to COVID-19, Canadian universities have temporarily postponed or cancelled placements. This may place high demands on clinical educators who currently host student placements. There is an exceptional need for new clinical educators (also known as supervisors or preceptors) across the province. The Department of Physical Therapy needs your help so that students’ graduation can proceed close to on time. Can you help a student? Becoming a new clinical educator is an excellent opportunity to mentor a student and help the profession. Also, in many cases, students can assist you in many of your duties. If you would like to learn more about becoming a clinical educator, please contact Heather Bredy, the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education at University of Alberta (heather.bredy@ualberta.ca).

The Bone and Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network and the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute are putting their collaborative relationship to use through strategic leadership, project management, and information synthesis and analysis. But they cannot do it alone, and are seeking input and support from the broad network of bone and joint health stakeholders and patients across Alberta. Click here for more information.
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Evidence Corner

This systematic review comprehensively summarizes the available epidemiologic and RCT evidence investigating the role of exercise in the management of cancer. The Impact of Exercise on Cancer Mortality, Recurrence, and Treatment-Related Adverse Effects
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