June 2021
COVID-19 Pandemic
Update: June 2, 2021
Recent updates to COVID-19 quarantine rules in Alberta related to individuals who have been vaccinated have resulted in several calls to Physiotherapy Alberta.

The changes to quarantine rules mean that an individual’s vaccination status as either fully or partly vaccinated, will be factored into whether they must quarantine following a close contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19.

Conduct Matters: Getting Behind on Charting, Case Study
Physiotherapy Alberta received a complaint from a regulated health-care professional working in a physiotherapy practice. The complaint stated that a physiotherapist was “several months behind in patient care charting.”

Good Practice: Is There a Supervision Relationship?
Throughout their careers, most physiotherapists find themselves in the position of having to supervise another individual providing physiotherapy services. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines supervision as “the action, process, or occupation of supervising; especially a critical watching and directing (as of activities or a course of action).”

2021 College-Selected Activity - Discrimination, Oppression, and Inequity 
Discrimination, oppression, and inequity are pervasive in Canadian society and the Canadian health system. While people with many distinct identity factors experience discrimination and oppression, the result of this discrimination consistently includes negative health outcomes, up to and including limited access to health services and reduced life expectancy.

The 2021 College-Selected Activity requires you to demonstrate your actions to DO. LEARN. GROW. your knowledge and competence regarding the effects of discrimination, oppression, and inequity on people seeking health services.

When you renew your practice permit you will be expected to make a declaration respecting completion of the objectives and activities set out for the 2021 College-Selected Activity.

Advisory Committee on Discrimination, Oppression, and Inequity

Physiotherapy Alberta is currently seeking to recruit individuals to contribute to an Advisory Committee on Discrimination, Oppression, and Inequity.

PCE Update May 14
In response to the ongoing disruption in the delivery of the Clinical Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) administered by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR), Physiotherapy Alberta’s Council has explored options for an alternate clinical competency examination.

College Conversations Podcast

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Episode 24
Date: May 15, 2021
In this episode, Jody and Leanne discuss Physiotherapy Alberta’s recent Statement on discrimination, oppression and inequity, and our future plans as an organization. We review how Physiotherapy Alberta initially began this work in response to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and was at the point of starting to address those Calls to Action that apply to the work of health regulators when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Then, as 2020 unfolded, we watched the protests that arose in response to George Floyd’s death, listened as people in Canada described the discrimination they encounter every day and realized a broader view was needed, one that considers how people’s experience of discrimination may vary based on their many identity factors. We talk about Physiotherapy Alberta’s commitment to examining our internal processes and foundational documents from an anti-discrimination, anti-oppression lens. We also discuss our intent to share what we are learning with our registrants and with other health profession regulators, with an aim to affect positive change in the health system. Click here to listen.
Resource Corner
Other News
Update on AHS Community & Outpatient Physiotherapy. AHS thanks community and contracted providers for their patience and support as we work to implement a standard level of physiotherapy care for Albertans province-wide. We would like to provide an update on our work and adjustments to timelines and rollout. Click here for more information.

The University of British Columbia’s Nation Frontiers in Research Fund is looking for participants for a study that investigates the barriers and facilitators to the inclusion of students with disabilities in health and human service professional programs (including physiotherapy). Click here for more information.

The University of Alberta is looking for help recruiting injured workers for a study on worker experiences of care in physiotherapy via telerehabilitation (videoconference or telephone). This would involve putting up a recruitment poster in your clinic. You can download more details about the study and the recruitment poster here. If you are interested in assisting and have questions, you can contact Maxi Miciak at maxi@ualberta.ca.
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