Volume 16 | May 2018
PT Alberta
2018 Council Election: Results
The results of the 2018 Council Election have been tallied. Congratulations to Simon Cooke and Christina van der Lugt, our two elected Council Members-at-Large. Simon will continue his term and Christina will start hers in June. 19.4% of members voted. 
May is National Physiotherapy Month!
May is National Physiotherapy Month, a chance to celebrate and advocate for the profession. As movement specialists, no one is better positioned to get Albertans moving after an injury or illness more effectively than a physiotherapist.

Don’t forget to check out the Online Store and order promotional material in support of the profession!

Also, visit the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for more on National Physiotherapy Month.
Good Practice: Effective Communication To Avoid Complaints
Most physiotherapists, if asked, would probably say that they understand the importance of good communication and that they communicate clearly and effectively with their patients. However, questions from members and conversations with other Physiotherapy Alberta staff members, make it apparent that we are not as good at this skill as we think we are.

Research in Focus: An Analysis of Adverse Events in the Rehabilitation Department
The prevalence of patient safety incidents, or adverse events, has been documented by multiple authors. However, patient safety incidents in rehabilitation settings or involving rehabilitation professionals receive limited attention as rehabilitation interventions are generally considered to be low-risk.

Technology in Practice: Telerehabilitation
These days, telerehabilitation is increasingly popular among physiotherapists, with members contacting Physiotherapy Alberta on a regular basis with questions about how to incorporate telerehabilitation into their practice.

President's Message

Thank you to all the voters in this year's Council elections. I was thrilled to see the impressive slate of candidates. The number of individuals willing to serve, the breadth of experience among them, and the diversity in practice and geographic area gave voters many things to consider when casting a ballot.

Volunteer Opportunities

Physiotherapy Alberta is looking to recruit 10% of our members on the General Register to participate in the pilot test of the new Continuing Competence Program material.

Clinical Research Innovation Fund 2018
Applications for The Clinical Research Innovation Fund (CRIF) are being accepted until May 22. If you are interested in a research topic, start by checking out the applicant guidelines.

Nominate a colleague or student for a 2018 Physiotherapy Alberta Award!
May is Physiotherapy Month and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the profession by nominating an outstanding physiotherapist for an award!

Do you have a colleague who strives to improve quality of care and/or service delivery?

Do you know of a physiotherapist who shows excellence in practice and/or promotion of the profession?

Is there a physiotherapist student you know who demonstrates leadership?

The nomination deadline is midnight July 20, 2018. Click here for more information or to nominate someone today!
2018 Continuing Competence Requirements

Even though Physiotherapy Alberta is revising its Continuing Competence Program, the current requirement for completing Reflective Practice Review activities remains in effect until the new program is implemented. This means that if you are on the General Register you are required to participate in Reflective Practice Review before renewing your practice permit in August/September 2018.  Your date of admission to the General Register impacts the Reflective Practice activities that must be completed. Consider starting work on your Reflective Practice Review activities now.
Questions or Comments?  competence@physiotherapyalberta.ca, 1-800-291-2782 or 780-438-0338.
Continuing Competence Program: Call For Pilot Testers

The Continuing Competence re-design is almost complete and we are looking to recruit 10% of our members on the General Register to participate in the pilot test of the new program material.

The purpose of the pilot test is to collect feedback on:
  1. The communication that introduces the redesigned program
  2. The annual reporting form
  3. Your experience having completed the process

Provision of Quality and Respectful Care of Patients with Obesity
Date: May 17, 2018
Time: 8:00 a.m.

Understanding the causes and consequences of obesity and what it is like to live with obesity contributes to quality care and respectful health-care service delivery. This webinar will address common attitudes and beliefs about persons living with obesity and highlight evidence-based strategies to provide quality care for patients seeking services from physiotherapists. The focus of this webinar will be on promoting health and wellness in patients who are living with obesity.

Presenter: Dr. Mary Forhan
Future Webinars

Cauda Equina Syndrome - How Black and White is it Really?
Date : June 14, 2018
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Learn together with your colleagues in an easy-to-use forum community. Beyond the forum, you get access to resources, course reviews, industry news and the latest ignite podcasts. Join nearly 3,000 physiotherapists from across Canada! These are just some of the great discussions happening on ignitephysio:
PD Events

Have you checked out the PD Events page recently? This May, there are 14 events happening in and around Alberta!

Evidence Corner

University of Alberta Professor Doug Gross co-authored this 2018 review of current BPG’s and the global gaps between evidence and practice. Prevention and treatment of low back pain: evidence, challenges, and promising directions.
Full article available free of charge – register for free to get username and password at end of abstract
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