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For Your Officers
  • Advocacy Night is Dec. 3
  • Education Survey Closes Dec. 7
  • FCCPTA Supports Equitable AAP
  • Virginia PTA Conference & Day at General Assembly
  • FCCPTA Resolution to Ratify ERA

For Your Members
  • Take the Fairfax County Education Survey
  • Fairfax County Youth Survey Results

Second Annual FCCPTA Advocacy Night
7 p.m., Monday, Dec. 3
Fairfax County Government Center  

We’re looking forward to a good crowd for our second annual Advocacy Night! Special thanks to the elected officials who will be joining us for an evening of panel and small-group discussions. This is a free event made possible by PTA member dues (thank you!). Please register if possible, although walk-ins are welcome. More info  here .

Questions? Contact Matt Dunne, .
Fairfax Education Survey closes Dec. 7.   Thanks to your promotion of the survey, we’re closing in on 5,000 responses with one week left to go! Please encourage your parents and teachers one last time to take the survey. The more respondents from your school, the better quality data we can provide to you in January. A sample newsletter blurb is below.
FCCPTA Supports Updated, Equitable AAP.  Ask 100 people about FCPS’ successful and treasured Advanced Academics Program, and you’ll get 100 different opinions…most of them passionate. But there are some families and children who do not have access to the program. 

The Fairfax County School Board and FCPS Leadership are committed to eliminating gaps in opportunity, access and achievement for all students, as expressed in the Ignite Strategic Plan Aspirational Statement: “Participation and performance rates will be similarly high across student groups in Advanced Academic Programs.”

The FCCPTA Executive Board does not take a position on the myriad facets of AAP, but we do encourage education leaders to bring in experts in educational excellence and equity to provide recommendations for how FCPS reaches its aspirational statement. FCCPTA's Executive Board passed a resolution calling on the School Board to develop a plan this spring, with support from experts, current research, best practices and community engagement. Read the resolution  here .

Virginia PTA Annual Conference and Day in Richmond, Jan 28-28 & 29. Please join your favorite FCCPTA Board members and fellow PTA leaders at this important and energizing annual conference.  Register here   (your PTA should have a budget line item to reimburse you for this, as it is a training expense). Have a voice in how PTA operates, learn new skills, network, and represent your child and school at the General Assembly. This weekend does not disappoint. Hope to see you there!
FCCPTA Executive Board Supports Ratification of the ERA. You may have seen news or information about the bi-partisan, state-wide effort to urge Virginia legislators to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. PTA’s mission of making every child’s potential a reality has historically extended to education, healthy home lives and safety of children. Last night the Executive Board passed a  resolution as a way to help inform our member-advocates about the issue and encourage you to get involved. Learn more about this exciting effort  here . Questions? Contact Jane Miscavage,

For Members
Take the Fairfax County Education Survey by Dec. 7 at  (Spanish version: ) to tell FCPS, the School Board, and the Board of Supervisors what you think about your schools (such as class sizes, facilities, and technology).

Tome nuestra Encuesta de educación hoy en  para informar a FCPS, a la Junta Escolar y a la Junta de Supervisores lo que piensa acerca de sus escuelas (como el tamaño de las clases, las instalaciones y la tecnología).
2017-2018 School Year Fairfax County Youth Survey Results  are available ( 6th grade report  and  8th,10th,12th grade report ) The survey was completed by more than 48,000 FCPS students in November 2017 and is a joint project of the Fairfax County School Board and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The survey is anonymous and no individual information is reported.   

The survey highlights can be viewed  by clicking here . The survey collected data regarding students' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors on health, health risks, substance use, eating disorders, obesity, and sexual behavior. Survey results are used to help gauge the extent to which youth engage in behaviors that pose a risk to their current and future health. The results assist the community in developing appropriate education, prevention, and intervention programs.  Researchers have found that students who have at least three of the following positive, protective factors in their lives (have teachers recognize good work, have community adults to talk to, have high personal integrity, perform community service, participate in extracurricular activities, have parents available to help), are more likely to manage stress, make better choices and develop health habits. To learn more about the many protective factors that help children and teens succeed,  click this link

Important Dates
Dec. 1            FCCPTA, Virginia/National PTA Dues
Dec. 3            FCCPTA Advocacy Night
Dec. 15          Spelling Bee Registration Closes
Jan. 23           FCCPTA General Membership Mt
Jan. 27, 28    Virginia PTA Annual Conference
Jan. 29           PTA Day in Richmond
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