**Save the Date** June 1 Training. Local PTAs are encouraged to send newly elected board members and chairs to FCCPTA annual training June 1. Training gives new officers the tools they need to succeed and will save valuable planning time over the summer. Details to come later this month. Questions? Contact Michelle Leete,  vp.training@fccpta.org .

In This Issue
For your Boards:
  • Community Use Updates for After School Programs
  • Technology Forum March 27
  • Family Engagement Awards – Mar 15 Deadline
  • National PTA Diversity Toolkit
  • ARTSFairfax Resources

For your Members (please share):
  • Scholarships for Seniors
  • Listening Tour Dates
  • Spelling Bee
  • Reflections
  • Survey: Future of Fairfax County

FCPS Community Use Updates for After School Programs . The popularity of PTA-sponsored after-school programs has exploded in recent years, and with it a number of safety and security concerns for the children in school buildings after hours. Even when using third-party vendors, PTAs are ultimately responsible for the children in their after-school programs. FCPS’ Community Use department is updating regulations that will better protect both children and PTAs, and a handful of PTAs will pilot some of the changes this spring. We will share more information with PTA presidents later this month. There will also be changes to the ADM-24 forms, and we will host a training session to teach volunteers how to complete the forms at the June 1 training. Changes will start July 1, and do not affect your ability to contract with third-party vendors. Questions? Contact Jane Miscavage, president@fccpta.org .
March 27 Meeting / Technology Forum. Continuing FCCPTA’s Digital Wellness initiative, we are holding a Technology Forum for parents as our March 27 General Membership Meeting. We will hold a “collapsed” PTA meeting and use the time in a working session to develop resources to help parents navigate questions and issues such as:
  • Health addiction,screen time limits, physical activity, blue light exposure 
  • Privacy & Security Students’ information, content sharing, YouTube, inappropriate content, age sensitive material
  • Financial aspects & logistics of school technology fees for parents, costs for school, cost for county, repair, updates, lost devices, teacher training, tech support
  • Technology in the classroom Special Ed, teacher interaction, blended learning, learning games, 
  • Student conduct Cyberbullying, sexting, social media misuse, SR&R
Thanks to FCPS’ digital citizenship and family engagement staff who will facilitate this session. The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. with an FCPS briefing by Superintendent Brabrand, and the Technology Forum begins at 7 p.m. We need parents with kids of all ages to participate. Please designate an officer or PTA volunteer to represent your school. Questions? Contact Fabiola Green,  healthandwellness@fccpta.org .

*Deadline March 15* Win a $1,000 Family Engagement Award! Our priority this year has been helping local PTAs increase family engagement: how we provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to participate in our school communities. With support from Whole Foods and Ernst & Young, FCCPTA is able to provide up to $10,000 in awards to recognize local PTA progress. These are not grants; you are free to put the money to use however your PTA sees fit. Deadline is March 1. Learn more  here . Questions? Contact Wendy Chen, awards@fccpta.org .
National PTA’s Diversity Toolkit . The National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Committee wants to hear from your PTA about diversity and inclusion. Have you used the National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit? Let us know what you think  here .
Bring Professional Artists to Your School’s Art Class . The  ARTS FAIRFAX’s Artist Residency Program places professional artists in Fairfax County classrooms in sixth, seventh and eighth-grade engaging students in cross-curricular learning by connecting artists’ processes in a fine arts discipline with social studies, language arts, mathematics, or sciences to enhance students’ skills in creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.  State grants are available for eligible schools. Learn more about connecting professional artists with your schools at  artsfairfax.org/artist-residency-program .

For Your Members
2019 Scholarships.  Graduating high school seniors are invited to apply for one of five $1,000 FCCPTA Scholarships. Application deadline is March 30 and scholarships will be presented during our May 22 General Membership Meeting. Learn more and apply  here . Questions? Contact Jen Lieberman,  scholarships@fccpta.org .
FCCPTA Listening Tour . PTA members are invited to attend one of our Listening Tour events to share thoughts about education in Fairfax County. Information we hear from parents, teachers and students will complement our Education Survey and inform our work. Each session will be open-house style, from 7 to 9 p.m. Please join us at any of the following events:

Mar 4 Chantilly HS
Mar 11  Mount Vernon HS
Mar 18  Madison HS
Apr 1 Marshall HS

Questions? Contact Stella Pekarsky,  vp.outreach@fccpta.org .
Congratulations to Spelling Bee Winners! We look forward to seeing you, your family and fans at the Fairfax County Spelling Bee, at 2 p.m., March 17,  Lake Braddock Secondary School . The winner advances to the  Scripps National Spelling Bee in May. Thanks to the 75+ elementary and middle school PTAs for their support of this growing program! Questions? Contact Eliza Morss, spellingbeechair@fccpta.org .
Congratulations to Reflections Winners! Congratulations to the scores of Fairfax County  students who won Outstanding Interpretation Awards during the 50 th Anniversary Year of Reflections! Reflections chairs have been notified, and these entries now advance to NOVA District PTA for judging. Thank you to VP-Programs Denise Bolton for overseeing this amazing (and sometimes life-changing) PTA program! Questions? Contact Denise, vp.programs@fccpta.org.
ISO Parent Feedback on Wellness. FCPS is working on the advancement of a sustainable culture of improved health and wellness. Last year, the  FCPS School Health Advisory Committee  created metrics for schools to report on how they are measuring up! Each school was required to report on progress toward the implementation of the wellness policy using a 1-5 scale (1=No Activity   through 5=   Embedded.) We invite you to view the  2017-2018 executive summary  and to check out details by  clicking here  and scrolling down to the page for your division (elementary, middle, high school).  We're hoping that you are seeing further progress being made this school year. From a community engagement perspective, we are particularly interested in learning how your school is engaging the community as part of its wellness committee. Do you have a story to share? Please send it (or questions) to Elizabeth Ende  health@fccpta.org .
What does the future of Fairfax County look like to you?  Fairfax County Government is beginning a strategic planning process with the community to shape the future together. The goal is to hear all voices and reach all segments of our community. 
What are hopes and aspirations for the future of our community? What challenges do we face and what priorities must we address first? 
This effort will span most of 2019, but in this first phase, residents are asked to:
  1. Take a short five-question online survey 
  2. Consider joining a community conversation in person between Feb. 13 and March 6 
  3. Share the survey and conversation invitation with neighbors, co-workers and county family and friends 
Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates

Mar 4             Listening Tour, 7 p.m., Chantilly HS
Mar 11           Listening Tour, 7 p.m., Mount Vernon HS
Mar 15           Deadline to apply for Family Engagement Awards
Mar 17           Fairfax County Spelling Bee, Lake Braddock SS
Mar 18           Listening Tour, 7 p.m., Madison HS
Mar 22           Reflections Awards, 6:30 p.m., Luther Jackson MS
Mar 27           General Membership Meeting/Technology Forum, 6:30 p.m., Gatehouse

Apr 1              Listening Tour, 7 p.m. Marshall HS

May 5             NOVA District PTA Annual Meeting
May 22           General Membership Meeting and Awards, 6:30 p.m., Gatehouse

June 1            FCCPTA Training for New Officers and Boards