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August 2020
The Pathway to Adventure Council is in Phase 4 of the City of Chicago's "Protecting Chicago" Reopening Framework. For more information on meeting safely and required forms, please view our announcement:
The fall popcorn sale is quickly approaching, and we want you to be ready to sell when it begins. We have a new popcorn company, new prizes, new incentives for Scouts and their units, and a whole bunch more. We want to give you all a chance to learn about the company, taste the new product, learn some fun sales techniques, and more.
The Pathway to Adventure Council in partnership with the Gary Railcats and the Chicago Dogs, are hosting Scouts Popcorn Parties, and we want you to be a part of it. It took us a little while to put these together, due to the ongoing situation we are in right now with the pandemic, but we fell we have still set up a great day for you and a parent/guardian.

Follow the buttons below to find out more info and register for the event.
You will need to act fast, since the events are coming up soon, and registrations will fill up fast. We CAN NOT take any reservations after the due date, so the ballparks can prepare themselves for our events. If you have any questions, please contact us at
We hope to see you at one of the ballparks!
Now Accepting Campsite Reservations for 2021
We are looking ahead to summer camp in 2021, and we expect each session of camp at Napowan and Owasippe, to be fully booked! We are now accepting campsite reservations for 2021, so be sure you book your site today!

Dates, schedules, fees and reservation information can be found here:
Chicago Scout Shop Reopening
We are pleased to announce that the Chicago Scout Shop will reopen on Tuesday, August 4, 2020! The store hours will be Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, and closed 2:30 - 3:00 pm daily for lunch. The store will also be closed all day on Saturday. For more information on all of our Scout Shops, please visit our website:

Order of the Arrow Updates
Takhone Lodge has several ordeals and fellowships this August, to find out more infomation, visit their website:
PTAC COVID-19 Advancement Updates
Virtual Camping Nights
In light of the extended period of camping restrictions attributable to COVID-19, the following temporary modification is being made by the PTAC Council Advancement Committee until September 1, 2020. Virtual camping may be counted toward the required nights of camping for rank advancement and merit badge requirements if all of the following conditions are met:
  • To be counted, all virtual camping nights should be a direct result of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and be part of a BSA unit-organized unit camping event (a unit camping event is defined as multiple members of the unit are involved and camping simultaneously at remote locations)
  • Some form of unit-organized communications should occur either during or immediately following the event
  • All existing Youth Protection Policies and Digital Safety Guidelines must be followed
  • No more than 3 nights of virtual camping are to be credited in any month which government or council-imposed COVID-19 restrictions are in place

Electronic Application Submission, verification, and Signatures
Eagle packet verification was suspended while offices were closed, please be advised that we have restored the process of verification before conducting the final Eagle Board of Review. 

When it is time to turn in your completed Eagle Scout application/paperwork, you can drop off your packet to one of our (4) Service Centers. We have safe drop-off points arranged at each location. For addresses to our Service Centers, please see: 

If you would like to submit paperwork electronically for verification, please contact Mary Demski at:

Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster Time Extensions due to COVID-19
The PTAC Advancement Committee has been granted the authority to grant a 3-month extension for those scouts working on Eagle/Summit/Quartermaster and it can be established that COVID-19 disruptions were the only circumstances that delayed work.
If you feel that COVID-19 has disrupted a youth’s progression, please send an email to as soon as possible with the following information:
  • Name
  • Unit
  • Date of 18th birthday
  • Details of situation/request
  • List of any items remaining to complete including merit badges, leadership roles, etc.
  • Current status of the service project and if it is already approved by your District
Should you need to seek additional information about your specific situation, please reach out to: and we can provide individual guidance and recommendations.

Currently, these COVID-19 changes and exceptions expire on September 30, 2020.

Eagle Summit/Quartermaster Credentials
Please note that fulfillment requests for Eagle certificates, cards, and letters from the National Service Center and National Supply are experiencing delays due to COVID-19. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. 
Hornaday Award Achievers
A Hornaday Award Achiever (HAAer) is any Scout or Scouter that has ever been curious about the "why?" and "how?" of nature while having fun doing a Scout activity, a school activity, or on a family activity. The curiosity of wanting to learn more about your nature experience, the urge to do something about it, and the natural activity of educating others about what you did makes you a HAAer.

Young Scouts are naturally curious about nature or conservation concerns and need you to guide them into becoming a HAAer. Around the time a Scout earns First Class rank is the best time to advise them about the requirements for earning their Hornaday Conservation Award. Waiting until the Scout has done or is doing their Eagle project on a conservation activity is too late to qualify for the Hornaday Conservation Award Badge. For Scouters that have been involved with conservation activities for 3 or more years, there is a recognition award for your dedication to your conservation activities.

PTAC’s Conservation/Hornaday Conservation Award Committee is the first place to go with your questions about the Hornaday Conservation Award requirements, the 3-year Adult award, and the unit recognition awards, which are awarded and administered by the Council. The Committee will be able to provide you with the definitive answers you will need to challenge your Scouts, your unit, or yourself to earn a Hornaday Conservation Award.

Scouts from across the council are currently working on their Hornaday Award! To learn more about one project in progress, check out this info from PTAC Scout Tim R.

Please contact Wayne Schimpff, Chairman, Conservation/Hornaday Conservation Award Committee with your questions: or 773-406-9396.
In this new section of our newsletter, we will hear from our Council President, Marc Passiment.
July has always been an exciting and busy month for Scouts. It starts with our nation’s independence celebration – July 4th – traditional with festivities, family, and fireworks. This year was different, calling on the creativity of or leaders and Scouts to find new ways of celebrating and honoring our independence. Patriotism is devotion to one’s country, but also our fellow citizens. The United States has been unique in allowing patriotism to be expressed in so many different, and sometimes conflicting ways. Scouts and Scouters, normally at summer camp, take time to reflect on citizenship during merit badge classes and activities during this holiday. Who knew how much we would all miss the bugs, tents, and outdoor life of camp? Thank you to all who participated in our virtual camp. It was different and exciting to see so many ways to continue Scouting.

Many Scouts and Scouters have asked this month, “what can I do?” “Be resourceful and innovative” is the best answer I have heard. Scouting is about having fun while learning new things. It is seeking to understand what makes us uncomfortable to make it comfortable. It is the structure to learn how to deal with the unstructured. At this time, more than ever before, we look to the basics of Scouting. How do we take care of ourselves? Each year at summer camp, the first-year campers learn the basics. They learn how to cook, clean, and survive safely. Today is no different; it just takes some extra, social distancing, and personal protection equipment. Respect for local customs and rules has always been a part of Scouting adventures as we travel to different camps across neighborhoods,
states, nation, and the globe. We learn local customs, such as summer camp traditions, and adhere to their policies. I visited one summer camp that did not allow singing of any camp songs at dinner – a different experience for me and one I respected. These diverse experiences make-up and create Scouts’ time on the trail. It will be these stories they tell years from now, as they reflect on their time learning all things Scouting. Make the most of it; it is fleeting and wonderous all at the same time.

As we move into August, many Scouts and Scouters look toward fall plans. So many are asking, “can we stay with our schedule?” Some of the best trips I have been on were those that replaced the original trip. More than ever, be creative. It is time for the youth to lead. Time to embrace new ideas, new technology, while renewing old traditions to meet the safety needs of today. After all, a blood circle while teaching carving is a great, socially distanced activity. Creating a little more space between stations while teaching shooting sports and archery keeps us safe while providing the traditions of summer camp. These are just some examples, perhaps you have discovered more.

I look forward to hearing and seeing all the great ideas as we continue to walk the trail together.
Silver Beaver Nominations are now open
Do you know a Scouter that has distinguished themselves in Scouting and the community? If you do, we want you to nominate them for the Silver Beaver. Don’t wait for someone else to nominate that person.

The Silver Beaver Award is presented by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, through the local Council to adult volunteer Scouters for their distinguished service to youth and their community. The Award is intended to acknowledge noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Scouters including but not limited to Cub Scouters, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts and Exploring leaders within the territory under the jurisdiction of Pathway to Adventure. It is the highest award a Boy Scout Council can bestow upon a volunteer Scouter. Nominations forms have been simplified and are easy to use.

Nominations are due by December 7, 2020. Please do not wait until the last minute.

Save the date and join us at The Annual Council Recognition Dinner, scheduled for February 28, 2021.

If you have questions about how to nominate a person or fill out the form, please contact Don Swibes, Silver Beaver Chairman at

Click here for the nomination form:
CME Group Foundation
The CME Group Foundation has awarded the Pathway to Adventure Council a grant for our STEM in Scouting program. STEM in Scouting provides a hands-on approach to STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with a career-focused mindset. Youth dream, engineer, test, improve and create through experiments and design. This program was created to give kids opportunities so that they can be successful in a global tech-based job market. The grant will support efforts to bring out-of-school time computer science programming to underserved neighborhoods in Chicago. We are proud to partner with CME Group Foundation in our mission to prepare young people for the future.

Thank you CME Group Foundation!
Pathway to Adventure 2021 Sea Base Council Contingent
PTAC is going to Sea Base! Do you like to sail? snorkel? SCUBA dive? If the answer is "yes," then plan to join your Scouting friends for a week of sun and fun in the Florida Keys next summer, 2021. Both Coral Reef Sailing crews will snorkel, fish, crew the vessel, learn navigation, and tour the nearby Turtle Hospital. During as many as 11 dives, the SCUBA crew will explore coral reefs, wrecks, and underwater rock formations. After leaving Sea Base, both crews will have free time to sight see. For more info, contact the event coordinator (who's been on both adventures).

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