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October/November, 2022

PTC Upcoming Events

Update Contact and Class Series Information

        At PTC Headquarters, we are committed to updating PTC class leaders' contact information and past class series. Therefore, in the upcoming months, we will reach out to specific class leaders with the request to update their contact information; however, if you would like your contact information updated with PTC, please reach out to ptcaregivers@iastate.edu to start the process.

Additionally, if you are an event or volunteer coordinator and have the information about past class series that not been entered into the “add an upcoming/completed class series” forms, please contact us at ptcaregivers@iastate.edu to add this information to our files.

National Family Caregiver's Month 





How will YOU support caregivers in the month of November?

During National Family Caregiver's month we honor family caregivers for their efforts and seek to support them. Although the Caregiver Action Network (CAN) created the observance with family caregivers of older adults, the efforts to support caregivers can span other types of care relationships. CAN suggests that we support caregivers by:

  • Raising awareness of family caregivers' issues
  • Celebrating the efforts of family caregivers
  • Educating family caregivers about self-identification
  • Increasing support for family caregivers

Information about National Family Caregiver's month: 

Suggestions for Attracting More Program Participants

  • Publish your class series (or class leader training!) on the PTC website
  • Create a community committee to help with planning and recruitment
  • Suggest that caregivers attend with a friend, if attending alone is difficult
  • Call participants before the first class series to motivate and encourage them to join your class series
  • Consider announcing your class series through various social media outlets (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) as well as community mediums (e.g., newspapers, faith-based bulletins, flyers)
  • If able, for in-person class series, offer respite services or a meal during the class series
  • Master trainers, consider holding class leader trainings in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate work schedules of potential new class leaders
  • If the number of caregivers registered for a class series is fewer than 8, delay the start date by a week. Tell the participants the reason the class was cancelled and ask participants to reach out to other caregivers to see if they are interested in the PTC class series.
  • Consider where participants will be more comfortable (e.g., church/temple/synagogue or care facility) and other considerations such as accessible parking and seating and consider dietary needs

Interested in becoming a Master Trainer?

Applications are open!


·       Friday, January 27, 2023 1:00–3:00pm CST

·       Wednesday, March 29, 2023 10:00am–12:00pm CST

·       Tuesday, June 6, 2023 1:00–3:00pm CST

·       Friday, August 18, 2023 10:00am–12:00pm CST


See requirements for becoming a PTC Master trainer.

If interested, please fill out the Master Trainer application form.

Contact PTC HQ & Access Materials

The Caregiver Helpbook

Be sure to add your upcoming PTC class series using the "add an upcoming class series" form.

Let us know about your upcoming class leader training events through this "class leader training confirmation" form.

Access Class Leader Material

Class Leader material can be accessed through the ISU Extension Store and the PTC Website.*

*When you set up your ISU Extension Store account, be sure to use the primary email address that PTC uses to contact you.

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